Wednesday, November 22, 2006

pie-making spectator outfit

We went over to a friend's place to watch her bake pies (7 total). She asked me how many layers I had on. Ever since the Philly trip last week the temperatures seem to have taken a turn for the worse (or better?). Well, if you enjoy layering but put your foot down when it comes to long underwear, this should be your favourite season.

Saint Grace tank top--$40 from Stel's
Ella Moss blouse--$60 on sale from Kuhlman's in Seattle
Cardigan--$128 (present from mom) from Anthropologie's. The label says 'Snak' but I assume it's an in-house design. Crazy old-fashioned embroidery and weird half-sleeve fabric. Love it.
Habitual denim--$189 from Impulse


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