Wednesday, November 15, 2006

no more eBay, i mean it this time

aargh! so, I have this eBay problem where I keep buying things that are not fantastic in person. You'd think that trusted labels like Marni, T Luxury, Petro Zillia, Claudie Pierlot, etc., would be worth bidding on without actually trying on the damn thing first. Well, I think I've been proven definitively wrong.

Exhibit A (the last straw):

Ok, so you think, the color is a little weird and the cut is "interesting," but it's Marni and that's kind of the point, no? And I think I can pull off strange olive green-gold hues pretty well.

Exhibit B:

Yikes. What the hell is going on with the back? Some sort of strange bias-cut drapery action that makes me look like I had gastric-bypass surgery without the skin stapling. Maybe I'm just not avant-garde enough to appreciate this top, but really, this is too much. I hope someone else fancies it, because I'm re-selling it on eBay. Oh, and the T-Luxury camisole that I bought is much longer in the torso than I had imagined. I'm so over the extra long cami. Decent coverage is one thing, but really, don't you think clothing designers have gone a bit overboard?

Marni top--$70 including s&h (that's another thing that annoys me: extravagant shipping costs. why charge $10 when the postage is only for $5.50?)

Starting bid on my auction--$19.99

oh my.

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