Sunday, September 14, 2008

mayle fall 08 review, other random shopping thoughts

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so, i didn't buy anything in nyc yesterday, except for a small present for a friend, but i did do a bit of planning and scheming...

big disappointment: mociun isn't in the stores yet, although there are pre-orders available on a few websites. i'm in love with this batik print. i can't decide whether i should get another tie-front dress or go with a different silhouette. my blue linen tie-front has a full skirt, so buying one with a tulip-skirt would be a 'little' different.

anyway. Mayle.

we went to steven alan, mayle, and bird (which, incidentally, could easily stand in for my closet. they always have such a solid range of casual to fancy-schmancy, i wish boston had it so good).

i wasn't originally sold on this collection, but going to the shop on elizabeth st. and trying on a few things has made me a believer. plus, watching other girls try on pieces that wouldn't work on me has made me even more sad that the shop/label is closing.

the Kaiya top was one of my top picks, but after seeing the color in person, i realized that i don't own enough black to pull it off.

i would not buy the Jeanne sweater dress because i'm too curvy for it, but a tall model type tried it on in the shop and looked amazing in it. i wish i had a close-up photo because it is knitted in such a way that it appears to be a jumper + shirt.

there were three girls trying on this top, so i didn't get a chance to try it on myself. i definitely like it better with the collar unbuttoned, and the graffiti-esque black outlining keeps the print from becoming overly precious.

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the Eniko dress also comes in the pink/multi-colored fabric, but i liked the contrast in the ivory version. i tried a size 6, which fit perfectly. this collection seems to fit truer-to-size than in the past.

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i would have bought the Mariko top except, well, i'm belatedly in the process of coming up with a budget. plus, it's $475. the size 6 that i tried on in black+white was the last one at mayle. they had already sold out of the rose version. eluxury and impulse are both carrying the top, so i'm going to wait for the sales. of all the fabrics, this one impressed me the most with its subtle texture and sheen.

it seemed like the shop was selling out quickly. while i was there, two girls purchased something, and there were three other girls trying things on. usually when i go it's much much quieter. although i can't wait to see the resort/holiday collection, i've yet to decide whether i'll buy anything full price.


Stephanie said...

It's always such a bummer when you want to see something in person, and it's not there ...

Boy, I love those Mociun prints for fall.

That yellow top is amazing.

Moya said...

Thank you for this post, Erica! I haven't dared go near Mayle since I heard they were closing. I can't afford full price and am afraid I'll slip. I keep telling myself that I'll get more in the sales.I hope they don't sell out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the 8s and 10s will not sell as fast. Most ecommerce/online boutiques don't seem to order above a size 6 (Satine, LaGarconne, Jumelle, and sometimes Jake) so I am limited there.

I love the print Mayle dresses! I think I want the brighter one. What kind of detailing is on them--it gets lost in the photos.

Also, when you say they run true to size do you mean they aren't so small as some years or that the sizing from piece to piece is more consistent?

I've seen the Mariko blouse in Jumelle and other boutiques and websites so I would imagine it won't sell out everywhere. You should be able to get it on sale as I think it--and the Ebba dress--are the two pieces that got picked up by the most stores for this season.

Mayle normally is crazy on a Saturday--I've always been shocked on the rare occasions I haven't gone in midweek. I panicked in the Spring when I went in to get Tana only to find resort had been packed up for the sample sale (which I ended up missing).

It may have been busier because some of the stock was new (I had an email saying they had another shipment this week). Is the stock already dwindling? I have to use will power not to head off down there.

What did you think of the Mayle coats by the way?

I love the Mociun prints--I'm not a big fan of the tie-front dress as when I tried one on it drowned me in fabric. I love the tulip silhouette so that would be my choice.

la casita de wendy said...

Thanks for sharing this!! i didn´t know these brands... i love them!

miss sophie said...

did you see anything at SA? the outlet on the uws consistently stocks some really great finds...

erica said...

the Eniko dress has this really nice zipper detail in the front. you can open the triangular bit of fabric to reveal more fabric underneath. the armhole openings were perfect, and it had just the right amount of roominess in the waist and hips. i probably could have pulled off either a 4 or 8. i would say that the two pieces i tried on fit me exactly right. i'm not sure if the sizing is consistent, but it appears to be that way.

you should definitely go down there on a weekday and try a few things on.

as for the coats, i didn't want to say anything because of my grave weakness for them. i thought they were all gorgeous and covetable, they did not disappoint!

the one thing about the Mariko top is that the cuffs are a bit tight when buttoned. the 6 just fit me, but i wouldn't be able to roll them up. the shoulders didn't feel tight or overly loose.

miss sophie-
SA had quite a bit of rachel comey, tucker, sunshine and shadow, and a few lovely demylee sweaters.

mociun and mayle are my favorite labels by far. it's definitely worth stalking ebay for past mayle pieces.

every season caitlin mociun amazes me with her prints. i hope i can buy a few pairs of her leggings this time around.

Moya said...

Interesting. I didn't expect the zipper.I covet the coats and worry they will sell out. Had I known that Mayle would close, I would have bought a second coat last winter and more dresses too.

I noticed SA have pulled all the clothing that isn't SA from their site and have no Outpost items up either. I have to pop in there and Mayle--the book deadline approaches though. Maybe a treat for when I finish.

Moya said...

Also, I find Mayle can cut narrow in sleeves and cuffs, especially on items with longer sleeves. That and the sometimes narrow backs force me into 8 or 10s.

erica said...

i'm not sure what's going on with the SA site, but it looks like most of the items in the Annex are accessories. maybe they're updating their online stock? i wish they would put up more sale items soon.

i agree that Mayle often cuts narrow in the sleeves and cuffs, but i didn't find it to be as problematic as it has in the past.

good luck with the book deadline. you should definitely treat yourself afterward! my paper proposal for a major conference was rejected, so no new treats for me. back to the grindstone, i guess!

i really want the short trench with detachable collar, but all of the coats are amazing. SA had quite a few in the Tribeca shop.

i was surprised that the Mariko top was selling out already. the shop girl mentioned that she hadn't seen anyone try on the Eniko dress in b&w yet, so it looks like some things are more in demand than others. there was definitely a lot of interest in the mitsuko top.

i wish i knew what other pieces will be available online. i can hold off on the Mariko, but I haven't seen the Eniko online yet.

Abby said...

Did you make it over to erie basin? I drool over their website every so often, but tend to actually spend my money on clothes and shoes, not jewelry.

erica said...

i did indeed make it to erie basin. the shop is tiny with so many good antique chairs and small objects.

i was surprised by how delicate the philip crangi rings are, and also by how much i loved conroy wilcox's grey diamond ring. there were gorgeous brooches. i wish they would post more on their website.

i'm the same way with jewelry. i always stare and stare at the baubles, but the thought of throwing $200-800 on such a tiny little thing makes me so nervous.

joyce said...

hi erica,

thanks for this post! i feel like i just went on a vicarious shopping trip to all the best places in new york. i, too, love the c&w grey diamond ring -- my fiance gave one to me last spring after he proposed (he had some **ahem** "help" from me).

Jess. said...

Oh I love all of the boutiques in that neighborhood, but they're so tempting so I try to shy away from them.

These prints are truly amazing though!


Laura, MBE said...

dude, Mociun is so amazing, and Caitlin is one of the sweetheartest fashion people I've ever corresponded with. She donated one of her dresses to the charity raffle, and it had this insane magical mystery property where it looked perfect and cool on every single person, body, style, etc, imaginable. amazing!

laura jane

erica said...

laura jane,
i wish i had known about your charity raffle! i am obsessed with her tees, too. it sounds like you had a successful night.

Joanna Goddard said...

i loved this review, thank you so much! xo

editor said...

did you get to muji?

Moya said...

I just ordered some old pieces of Mayle from Odessa in Portland for 70% off. They don't have that much left (evidently there has been a huge demand after she announced she was closing). I got the Vera coat from last year--which was one of the pieces I wanted and just managed to miss--for $289 and the Anahi top from this season for $150. Shipping is $20. I just thought you might be interested, Erica--or any of your readers. They were very helpful, prompt and nice.

They didn't have a lot of what I wanted--no Tana, Izolda, and the like. Just Vera, the Rosamelia dress and Anahi in 8-10 but they may have more in other sizes.

erica said...

we did, indeed, make it to muji. i wonder if their bed comes in full/queen....i should have bought pens, but i guess i'll borrow the ones matthew bought.

thanks for the odessa tip! i'm going to contact them right now and see what else they have left on sale. i'm glad you got the Vera coat, that's a such a great deal. i'm sitting in my new IM denim dress right now, so happy to have it after all these months of wishful thinking.

Moya said...

Let me know what you get Erica. I hope they have some good size 6s (I know they had Anahi in 6).

I feel impelled to get my hands on as much Mayle as I can, while I can right now. Especially as the larger sizes seem harder to come by.

erica said...

i just ordered the galina in an 8. i thought about the anahi, but i really liked the galina last fall. it should fit just fine, and it was too good of a deal to pass on.

thanks again for letting us know about odessa. i didn't even know about the shop.

Moya said...

I'm glad you got something--I wanted Vera last year and decided against it only because I have the Mayle peacoat in brown (like yours) that was somewhat similar. Had I known Mayle were going to close, I would have got it then. Odessa was cheaper too! Also Galina sold out at Mayle last year--I've never actually seen it. It's lovely--I hope it works out for you.

erica said...

let me know how the vera fits. part of me wishes i had bought that instead of the more fitted lyell peacoat. oh well, you know what they say about hindsight....

i think the galina will work well with my evening/going out clothing this fall. odessa is shipping today.

Moya said...

I will let you know. I tried Vera in an 8 and a 6 in Mayle back in January and it ran big--probably at least a size big. I can't remember if I was going to get the 6 or 8, but I know it ran large. I remember it also being really warm.

I think Galina is lovely--it has the same pleated sleeves as my Gaia dress from the same collection! Let me know how it works out.

Moya said...

Hi Erica,

I just got my packages today--I came home from school to find them (Evan must have got them this morning from the mailman). So you should get yours any day. I am wearing Vera--haven't even unboxed Anahi. It is very warm indeed and definitely my snuggest coat. It will be so great for any winter chill!

Moya said...

Anahi is great too--it runs big (I got an 8 but a 6 would have been fine, even a 4). I would highly recommend it to you as a pregnancy option as it drapes beautifully but has a lot of fabric at the front. I am very happy with my purchases and think Odessa is an amazing store.

erica said...

wow, that was quick! i suspected the Anahi runs big. i think i'm going to hold off on it, in spite of the great price, because i really need to buy a few other things to make my current wardrobe work.

i hope my Galina comes tomorrow. this weather is perfect for a short sleeve jacket.

Moya said...

I would think you'd get it soon--Boston isn't so far from New York. I was stunned at the speed, I have to say. I ordered some sandals from Ped Shoes on Sunday, they were sent out Monday and I haven't got them yet so I figured this would take a week.

And, yes, it is perfect weather for Galina! I hope you get it tomorrow. I am wearing Anahi right now--it's super comfortable and the silk is the kind that doesn't crease easily. Vera is so warm that I won't be wearing it for a few months. It's a depth of winter coat.It also runs very big--I think I could have worn a 6, but an 8 is great.

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