Friday, October 03, 2008

fall patterns....mociun dress

not brave enough for a plunging back, but the blue collar paired with the bead print is making me wish i were.

i could do the button down, though.

mociun dress and shirt at anica.


miss sophie said...

i saw that the other day at anica's website too - i'm in love with so many of the mociun fall prints this season.

Stephanie said...

go for the plunging back ... it's too awesome to pass up.

Besides, it's getting chilly - I'd be layering that feller up!

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my gosh, i love the first dress with the drop back detail.

tiffany... said...

oh... these are gorgeous!

ambika said...

I don't think I could brave the back either but I really would admire anyone who could.

bri said...

i quite enjoy the button down. it looks like two different (but equally great) patterns, from close and far away.

thevintagechair said...

I LOVE plunging backlines! It's just hard to find a piece that allows me to wear one while still keeping the girls in place! This one is billowy enough that I bet they'd be fine!

Anonymous said...