Saturday, October 25, 2008

toast pine needle cord smock

stephanie's 'imaginary outfits' are one of my favorite things about her blog. last month she featured a top by toast that i hadn't thought much about before ("naptime on the sleeping porch"). i'm not usually attracted to shades of red, but there was something compelling about this top. maybe it's fall, but warm spiced reds, browns, and oranges in the softest corduroys and wools are all i can think about nowadays.


Stephanie said...

This makes me so happy - it's like seeing one of my flights of fancy brought to life!

I think the color is lovely - it reminds me of persimmons - and the moccasins are a nice touch. You know me and my moccasin issues :)

Is it as cozy as it looks?

Alexandra said...

Love that top on you! (And your blog too, by the way - I'm a semi-long time reader, but first time commenter.)
I've been admiring a few things on the Toast site, but I've been hesitant to order because their shipping to the US seemed pretty pricey, and I've never seen any of their stuff in person. Is the quality as high as it seems in their photos? Do you know some secret to avoid paying such a high shipping rate?

erica said...

this is the first time i've ever ordered anything from toast due to the prohibitively high shipping costs. i think the quality is very good. you might want to wait for their sales, though.

the pound-dollar rate has been changing quite a bit lately, i think a pound is now at $1.56. when i ordered the top two weeks ago, it was at $1.73!

also, the listed price includes the VAT, which is deducted for US customers. so, the tunic was 67 pounds instead of the listed 79. that was enough to tempt me to order the top, even though it ended up around $165 for everything. that's actually really expensive, but i spend at least that amount for things at apc.

Alexandra said...

Erica, thanks for all the info. And good point about APC - I'll remember to use that one as justification to myself if I do decide to get something from Toast!

Carissa said...

That is a very cute top on you -- I like it with the moccasins especially and the cuffed jeans. Are those the Martin jeans? I got mine a week and a half ago and never pick up any other pair now!

erica said...

those are my martin jeans, and i've been having a hard time wearing anything else, too. i can't wait for summer because i'm definitely going to order a pair of the wide-leg jeans.

miss sophie said...

what a lovely and cheerful fall color combination! it makes me want to go make a big hot mug of apple cider, and curl up with a book :)

Genevieve said...

i about gasped when I saw your necklace! I have the same one I think! Does it have a turquoise circle on the inside of one of them? I bought it at American Rag years ago and would love to know the make! If you have info, please share. Liking your blog! I'm a new reader.

erica said...

the necklace is from hannah clark. i did a post on it a while ago:

mine has a little piece of bone embedded in the hand, but i've seen others with turquoise. i'm not a real jewelry person, but i really love her work:

Anonymous said...