Monday, June 22, 2009

frances may sale starts this friday + lena corwin studio sale

20-60% off this friday at frances may, which is fast becoming one of my favorite shops in person and online. i love how the outfits are put together and photographed.

speaking of mociun, matthew, leon and i are trying to make it to lena corwin's studio sale this saturday. maybe we'll see some of you there!


evencleveland said...

Oh boy, I've been jonesing to shop this week ... now I will hold out until Friday. Yay!

I wish I could go to New York. That sale looks stellar.

jenny gordy said...

you're coming to the sale?!!! oh, now i'm even more excited! i'm going too. it's going to be so overwhelming meeting so many of my favorite bloggers at once while trying to score a mociun dress! but i'm up for it. can't wait to see you guys. : )

Saarah said...

I wish I cud go to New York. Awesome dresses!!