Thursday, March 08, 2012

ariana bohling sandals

bella sandals at lambs ear

cec sandals at anaise
they may be beautiful, but are they comfortable?


ilana kohn said...

so comfortable! they actually have the tiniest bit of padding. they get the definite thumbs up from me!

joyce said...

i agree! i have the top pair and wore them all summer.

jenny gordy said...

I've been checking out those sandals too. I regretted not buying some last summer (or the summer before? dont' remember).

erica said...

ilana and joyce, thanks for chiming in! i haven't really paid attention to sandals for a while (saltwaters are usually good enough for me), but i'd like something nice to wear this summer.

jenny, have you tried ndc sandals? i was just looking at stuart and wright's new arrivals, and they look promising, too.

Jade said...

very comfortable! though i find the ankle straps on the bella bit loose.

mr said...

i love the way ndc sandals look but have found them to be rather uncomfortable, especially considering the price point!!!
these look great, have been considering a pair myself... seems that the feedback thus far on them is gooD

Moya said...

I have never tried them on--love the backs--but find a single strap at the front typically to be horribly uncomfortable.

julia said...

i've never really had a good pair of sandals before. this summer i've told myself i can finally buy some. i regret not buying a pair of cydwoqs when i could have gotten the discount and nomad. i think i'm finally going to cave in and order these, they are so comfy and cute on:

i haven't tried on the a.b. sandals. i love those boots that just came out though, they look perfect.

erica said...

julia--yeah, those employee discounts are a curse and a blessing. i miss having mine at nordstrom...i like the cydwoq bare, but i might need more support than that.

mr--thanks for the feedback on ndc. i've never worn them, so it's good to know that some people find them uncomfortable

moya--true, a single strap, especially if skinny, could be pretty painful. you're talking to a person who wore birkenstocks for most of her life!

jade--thanks for the fit info. i really want to try these on, maybe in may when i'm back in the US.