Monday, March 19, 2012

tiny ruffles and pintucks at isabel marant etoile

photos by worthwhile

i'm feeling a little iffy on the quality of these pieces. if it were by steven alan, i wouldn't hesitate to order this top because i love the tiny ruffled collar and pintucks.

my thomas sires coat is waiting to be picked up (customs fees need to be paid). of course it's going to be in the 70s this week, but then it will go back down to the 50s, so hopefully i'll get to wear it for a few days.


Moya said...

I completely agree about this shirt. Isabel Marant's quality is so iffy and often terrible.

erica said...

the lauren moffatt blouses look promising (no ruffles, but plenty of pintucks).

evencleveland said...

These blouses are gorgeous in person - so light and delicate. But that's the key word. Definitely more of an occasion piece than something for the rough and tumble of everyday wear, I think.