Monday, March 05, 2012

tane of each please

i don't really need to buy many new clothes for baby no. 2, but that doesn't stop me from wanting every single piece of tane organics' spring line (at sweet william). for anyone expecting, i highly recommend the hadagi. i have a couple from makie (they now have a slightly warmer high-pile terry cloth version), and i love how roomy and comfortable they are (especially for a cloth-diapered bum). you can also layer them with leggings for chilly spring days.


emily said...

those are gorgeous.
sometimes i wonder if it'd be worth splurging on those for my little bean and just doing more washes. but sometimes it seems hard to justify the price for the income bracket i'm currently in. oy. they are so beautiful!

also, once found a pair of makie pants at the thrift store for $2. find of the year.

erica said...

$2 for makie pants!! with littles, it's hard to justify the price. i try to find things on sale, but i've splurged more times than i should. when i buy nicer things, i make sure it won't show too many stains.

leon's flora and henri shirts wash and wear better than most of my tees, so i figured price per wear was ok.