Monday, October 30, 2006

Maria Byman

I bought the skirt two autumns ago on Mulberry St. somewhere in Nolita. The designer is Maria Byman. I rarely buy new labels until I've researched them, but this was an impulse buy. She also had these fantastic shrunken wool (we would call this "felting", i guess) knee-length schlumpy skirts that were beautiful because they distorted the body so much. Even this one makes me feel like I've gained a few inches to my waist, the fabric is so thick. Normally when I buy something by an independent designer, I usually try to buy more from them. For some reason I haven't come across her things since. Her website looks promising:

Maria Byman felted skirt: $260 from somewhere in NYC
black shirt: $20

Total: $280

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juliaman said...

I have been carrying Maria's collections for the past 5 years. I met Maria around 9 years ago!, though you can't see her products on my website at the moment.