Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tempted by the Devil, which we call NYC

So, I'm back from The City. Fung Wah there, Lucky Star back. $30 round trip on the Chinatown buses. This is apt since I went to ostensibly take photos of the chinatowns in Manhattan and Flushing, Queens. Also, I wanted to go visit my friend in Brooklyn.

Pictures of my trip will be posted tomorrow or so, I hope.

But, today I want to talk to you about my brush with the Devil. I wish I had photos to explain what happened, but I'm happy to report I did not buy a $570 short coat.

It was from Lyell, on Elizabeth St. in Nolita. I'd never gone in before, though I'd heard of the label. Lots of pencil skirts, demure sweaters and silk blouses, vintage-y but simple. But naturally I was captivated by the coats.

It was aubergine, in an interesting wool fabric, double-breasted, peter pan collar, hitting just around the hips. I've never owned a short coat. The 10 other coats vanished from my mind when I laid eyes on this Lyell creation.

I spent three days agonizing over whether or not I'd ever be able to live without it. I stood in the cold rain on Tuesday night, staring at the shop front, knowing I shouldn't buy it. Then, on Wednesday, two hours before I had to go home, I tried the coat on again. The wool seemed scratchier than I had imagined. The lining was a thick acetate, not like the fine silk that lined my beloved Anna Molinari green and peacock blue military coat. The spell was broken and I realized that I'd get over it.

I decided I'd rather have this Opening Ceremony short-sleeved (impractical in Boston, but who cares!) wool coat. Here's an image taken from Impulse's website (all the other online vendors have it in black. Boo to black! we prefer color):

I emailed Jill, but of course they're sold out in the Small. They only had one in each size, and I had been forewarned by her blog a month ago. This is one of the problems of being more financially cautious: by the time you've decided to buy something, it's probably sold out. Sometimes you're lucky and it goes on sale. But size 6 tends to sell pretty quickly, I guess.

So, Opening Ceremony still has two, I went to the store and checked. All I have to do is pick up the phone and call. Hmmm.

You know what I should really be doing right now? Researching my dissertation topic or going to bed. hmmm. I love thinking about clothes, I love plotting out future purchases, I love the whole strategy game of the whole thing. Clearly I'm sitting on the fence about new coat purchases, which makes me think I should hold off for this year. But a short cute coat with a warm high collar and a swing silhouette (my favorite)! Oh well.

Opening Ceremony wool coat: $425

Question: Why is Creatures of Comfort selling a black version for $675? This must be a typo. They couldn't possibly have marked it up that much! Someone should tell them.

Also, Tracey Ross is selling this Mayle eyelet dress for $330, but in the Nolita store it is priced at $710 and at Bird in Brooklyn, $650.

I am clearly a little too obsessive and need to channel this mental energy into something more productive. I meant it when I said I loved clothing.

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