Wednesday, October 25, 2006

pinafore wednesday

My Anna Molinari coat is a little too big, an Italian 44, which is like a US 8, and I'm not sure what possessed me to buy it in that size except that I like to be able to drive the car while wearing a coat (sleeves are a bit long). Oh well. At least I can wear lots of layers underneath to fill it out. I bought it nearly 4 years ago at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. I was working as a stockgirl in the Hosiery department there and became chummy with the women working in the Via C dept, which sold all the good boutique labels like Catherine Malandrino that one wouldn't expect at Nordstrom. Anyway, it was on sale, and I had my employee discount, I think 15%, so why not?

The dress is by Maria Bonita Extra, from Impulse. It's a size 4 but super huge, I can pull it on and run out the door in 35 seconds. The shirt is from some store in the Lab, which is an anti-mall down the street from South Coast Plaza, in Costa Mesa, a place I consider my home away from home. Pinstriped with demure ruffles at the sleeves and collar. It's funny because I've seen variations on this at both J Crew and Nili Lotan. The former costs about $80, and the Nili Lotan is somewhere around $220. Mine is by Steven Alan, and for some reason the store had it priced at $80 rather than the $150 listed on Steven Alan's website. Another example of how confusing all this pricing and markups business really is.

Steven Alan ruffle shirt: $80
Maria Bonita Extra dress: $230 from Impulse
Anna Molinari coat: $460 from Nordstrom (I think the original price was around $800)

Total: $770

(hey, coats are expensive things, and no, I refuse to buy them from H & M, no matter how cute they may appear. I have standards, you know)

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