Saturday, October 28, 2006

not for lowly suffering grad students

so, i dared to ask how much that stand-up collar coat costs. here is the response:

"The Trench Coat is available in sizes 0, 2, 4, 8, 10, and 12. The size 6 is sold out (available by custom order). It is gorgeous - felted wool with charmeuse details at the cuff and full lining. The stand up collar is fleece, and the belt, shoulder epaulets, and wrists are adjustable.

The price is $1150. Shipping is $15, and there is no tax when shipped
outside New York. "

Damn, if it were $800, i would probably seriously consider it, sad as that sounds.

i've decided this is the main problem: people often choose quantity over quality and/or price. but if you add all your purchases up for the past few months, you might be surprised to find that you have spent a huge amount on clothing. i was raised to believe that it is better to spend more money on fewer items. this policy only works if a) your fashion style remains relatively steady, b) your body doesn't drastically change, and c) you only make two or three big purchases a year.
what has happened in my case is that i buy four really expensive things each year ($400-600 each). this in itself is not bad. BUT, my concept of "basics" has shifted so radically that paying $60-80 for a layering tee is normal. i should be buying those things at H&M or the Gap, not at Petit Bateau.

this is all said as a way of mentioning that i ended up buying that opening ceremony coat. it was one of those weeks, i guess.

a note of consolation: i heard that shelly steffee has a huge sample sale sometime in the spring where her pieces are marked down 90% or so. i'll have to keep my ear to the ground and will be sure to dash for the Lucky Star bus when i find out when it is. can you imagine buying that coat for $120??

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