Tuesday, October 24, 2006

shelly steffee appreciation day

That's Turtle's reflection at the bottom of the mirror, and Hector is sitting on the bed like the fatty that he is. I was feeling pretty bored this morning, hence the unexciting outfit. The tunic dress is actually quite pretty and delicate, but you can't see any of the details. I saw this dress at Dress, on Newbury St., and then I saw it on this really lovely punky girl in the West Village. I ended up buying it at Dress during their summer sale a few weeks later. Then I noticed that it was a Lucky Breaks item from www.revolveclothing.com. Go figure.

I dragged my winter coats out from the basement today. My Anna Molinari coat had this dark stiff mark on the pocket. Guess what? I left a lollipop in it months ago and it melted, hence the sugar stain. I washed it out by hand and it looks fine now. I'll have to model my coats and shoes, too.

I'm still sitting on the fence about that Opening Ceremony funnelneck coat. I just found out from Jill that they're getting this amazing Shelly Steffee dress. I can't wait to see it on their website, things are always styled in such an attractive way:


The back is what kills me. Anyway, I bet it's over $600, silk or something nice like that. Aargh! I have zero need for such a lovely dress. But lucky for me, Shelly Steffee also designs very practical things for the everyday grad student.

Case in point:

If I had tons of money to spend on a short coat, this would be IT. Oh Shelly Steffee, this is too much. I'm not even going to email her store and ask how much it costs. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. Well, that's really a stupid thing to think. I have bought things without looking at the price, just so the salesgirls wouldn't look down on me, but what a dumb thing to do in the end. Very few of us are so rich that budgets don't matter. Why even pretend?

Oh Well.

Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent dress: $125 (marked down from $215)
Habitual jeans: $185 (or something like that, from Impulse Seattle)

Total: $310

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