Friday, June 13, 2008

grey ant top

i bought this grey ant top last summer at raye in houston. i've learned that shopping while traveling often leads to buyer's remorse. i love the top, but it's one of those wardrobe pushers that never worked. it's made of a really interesting seersucker-like fabric, with an extremely wide neckline, triangular cut out in front, partially slit sleeves, side vents, and the most comfortable loose fit ever. that said, i never felt like 'me' in this top, so i only wore it twice.

i just gave it a hand wash and will do a gentle ironing before i ship it.

size small (very loose fit, will work for a variety of body types)
measurements (lying flat):
shoulders: 16"
bust: 21"
length from shoulders: 24"



miss sophie said...

that's a lovely top! btw, i stumbled upon your blog a while ago when i was trying to track down where to get philip lim's tatami sandals, and have been hooked ever since. and many thanks for introducing me to so many fantastic indie designers and artisans :) keep up the great posts!

evencleveland said...

Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while now, but am posting for the first time... I love the refined, simple, beautiful things you post about and have found links to many treasures here - I only wish I could get to the sample sales you write about! (I did make a special trip to Impulse in Seattle after discovering it on your blog - so lovely!)

Anyway ... I'm a big fan. Thank you.

Emily Sher said...

oh this is really nice, i know what you mean by "it's not a me top" i buy dresses that are way too girly all the time. it's a shame that it didn't turn out though.

Shayna said...

hey erica,

i've left a few comments here and there...

lovely top, even lovlier gesture!



joyce said...

dear erica,

this awesome top has prompted me to de-lurk. i started reading your blog because i was intrigued by the title -- i'm a history professor who is obsessed with design and architecture. i continue reading b/c you have fantastic taste. many of my best shopping scores have been inspired by you. keep it up!


christine said...

Hi Erica,

I'm Christine from Texas! (in case I forgot to introduce myself earlier.) Although I read many blogs on my googlereader, I always make sure to go directly to your site for your lovely updates! I honestly adore that top and have been thinking of it so much that I posted it last July! I promise to give it a good home and wash it as instructed! :)


Jeannie said...

hiya! lots of lurkers coming out of the wood work! including myself. saying hi, love the blog keep up the great work. it's so nice of you to do this by the way. it's a great idea.

Jeannie said...

um also PS, Looove that top. and i would love to own it but i'm assuming this is a first come first serve situation. :P

Andrea said...

What a beautiful top!!
would love to own it.
I have been lurking for awhile trying to revamp my "mom style" (I have 4 children)
#You have wonderful style and ideas!!

erica said...

i will randomly pick a name on monday evening, so everyone has a fair chance at the top!

thanks for delurking, you guys. it's nice to see other people's blogs and inspirations, too.

tiffany... said...

whoa... erica...
you're doing some major spring cleaning...
i'm wondering if i could pull this top off... hmmm...

have fun!

anne said...

I am also de-lurking - I found your blog through reading EmilyStyle. You give me hope that grad students don't have to dress schlubby - um, although, I mostly do since I work in a lab...:)
I love this top and all of your posts!

leanne said...

Love, love, love the top! I can't believe that you're getting rid of it, but I guess I do understand letting it go because you don't feel like yourself. Thank you for sharing your impeccable taste with us.

erin said...

ack i love this one!

erica lorraine scheidt said...

Hello. I'm Erica too and although I think I lurk on your site, I've seen us comment in tandem other places.

I always think about your winter coat post. I love love love your winter coats.

And remember that APC dress you wanted and then it went on sale? I found the same one at a resale shop and bought it even though it's too small. I wear it unbuttoned.

A pleasure to meet you and Mr. Grey Ant. I love hearing about your sartorial misfires...a history of architecture is a wonderful place. xo

Catherine said...

Such a lovely top! I recall I found your blog perhaps through LeBouton? I really enjoy reading of your purchases and then seeing photographs of you modelling them. Inspirational.

Eloise at the Plaza said...

i love this top it is so cute and refined. i also live in the boston area and i love your blog because you pick brands/labels that are often not available in boston. if i got this top it would be amazing. keep up the good blogging.

Q_9 said...

hi erica,
i came upon your blog a little while ago, and have been visiting regularly ever since. love your taste in all things design & life. i myself live and practice architecture in the boston area as well. your blog is something i look forward to everyday. thank you for the wonderful blog.


SASHA said...
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SASHA said...

like most everyone else, i've been reading your blog for awhile but never commented. i've also been thinking of doing a similar posting with my cast-off clothing, but wasn't quite sure how to go about it. a great idea, to let them pile up and choose at random. when i return from a trip in a couple weeks, i think i'll take a cue from you. thanks.
p.s. it's a lovely shirt.

Jill said...

Beautiful top....I found your blog through EmilyStyle and I love it! I'm a Seattle gal, too!

fleur_delicious said...

I left my longer introduction on the miu miu skirt, but when I realized that I'm supposed to leave a comment here, too, if I like this one (? I think?) I thought I should get on it before you get to generating random numbers.

This is very different, but I can see why so many have commented on it. It's exquisite, and I'd love to own it. How generous you are!

Anonymous said...