Thursday, June 19, 2008

wiksten--striped everyday shirt

[photos by Jenny(?)]

I've been having a strange, stressful week, but oh man, Jenny's new striped Ellybeth top put a huge smile on my face!

In the shop on Saturday (note the button detail).

We're off to NYC tomorrow morning on business, will be back late Saturday. I owe a few of you packages, I promise they'll be shipped sooner rather than later. Like I said, it's been a strange week....

[on a side note, the a.p.c. sale sure flew off the shelves! Impulse is having its summer sale, as are so many other wonderful shops like Stel's, Creatures of Comfort, Otte, Kick Pleat, et al.]


Joanna Goddard said...

love this! xo

jenny gordy said...

thanks, erica! yes, i did take those pictures. but if only hannah could take all my photos...sigh. i ransacked that apc sale right when i got their e-mail! 2 new striped shirts for super cheap! i'm pretty sure i'll never get sick of stripes. have fun in nyc!

Anonymous said...

now that you've cleared out a few things, are you going to enjoy the space, or fill it up with new finds?

erica said...

mmm, let's just say i bought a few new things in nyc....

i'll post photos today or tomorrow, if the sun ever comes out again.

Jennifer said...

waiting waiting waiting...

Anonymous said...