Friday, June 13, 2008

miu miu pencil skirt, fall 2005 RTW

miu miu black wool pencil skirt with cosy paisley appliques and pockets, worn once. i tried selling this on ebay for $85, but there were no takers (sigh). i love this skirt, but i guess i'm not really into narrow pencil skirts. plus, it's still a bit snug in the hips (learning to accept my body is part of this project).

made of the softest virgin wool, fully lined, small slit in the back, and oh so chic!

italian size 40
measurements (lying flat):
high waist: 13.5"
hips: 18"
hem: 16.5"
length: 27"



Leanne said...

At first I was scared reading the measurements - and then I realized that you also wrote "lying flat." This is just my size and perfect for me to wear at my fancy fundraising job (because i work for a non-profit and can't buy the clothes that I would love to). Is this going to be a random draw as well??

Thank you!!

erica said...


yes, each item will be a random draw.

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, how stunning! i just got a new project to work on at a kind of intimidating place and i have nothing fancy enough to wear to the meetings. this would be SO perfect and gorgeous and lovely. anyway, i will keep my fingers crossed, and thank you again for this very sweet give-away. xo :)

fleur_delicious said...

hi! I don't think I've commented before, but I've been reading for a few months. I love your sense of style, and I can't help but love your blog's title - my fella's MA is in architecture, and I feel like the field is endlessly fascinating, even to this outsider (I'm in theatre history and criticism. Just finished my MA and I start my PhD this fall back home in Seattle).

anyhow. I love this grey pencil skirt. I've actually been specifically looking for a tailored, wool, lined, longer pencil skirt with a slim silhouette just like this, so maybe (knock wood) I'll get lucky and your random number generator will pick me. I also like your ant top, but this piece is a.) more me and b.) just what I've been seeking.

thanks for the opportunity - it's very sweet of you! please feel free to come visit me over at my blogspot if you would like! =)

Jeanette said...

Darl, you are so sweet, I think you should at least try to list this one on ebay for $35.

erica said...


i'm sure i could sell it for that much, but at that point, i would rather give it away to someone i 'know' and who shares my tastes. but, if i ever find a lot of mayle and lyell at a killer sample sale, i'm sure i'll use ebay! :)

Leanne said...

Yeah - I am so excited! How would you like to arrange this? I'm in Connecticut ...

Anonymous said...