Thursday, June 26, 2008

sunshine and shadow linen check dress

from Kick Pleat. also available at creatures of comfort.
the easiest silhouette ever, and perfect for temps in the 90s.


erin said...

ooh I came so close to buying that dress a few weeks ago! kinda regretting leaving it behind now...

Moya said...

It's lovely! How is your summer going? How's the diss writing and how was your NYC shopping? As you likely know, Mayle is now 40% off but I'm waiting for final markdowns. There's surprisingly little left--almost all the pieces are available but in few sizes. I think she cut small this season as there is virtually nothing in 8 or 10.

Unknown said...

looks fantastic. I tried it on but it definitely didn't look as good!

erica said...

erin and jessica--
it's really a great dress for slouching around town, but sometimes i think that it doesn't look that good on me (kind of schlumpy). but, it's comfy, and at certain angles, it works.

the diss. is going slowly, unfortunately, because i'm wrapping up a huge research project for my adviser. nyc was great, as always, although we didn't go to as many shops as i would have liked.

i went to mayle, but 40% wasn't enough for me. lyell's markdowns are just starting. i saw her peacock blue cardigan at barney's for nearly 1/2 off, and now i wonder whether i should have bought it.

the in-store apc sale was really good, although it was a madhouse and things were going really quickly. i bought a striped tank and a black kaftan-esque dress, which i'll post soon.

apparently the park slope bird is relocating, so it's going to have a crazy markdown schedule in early july. unfortunately i'll be in d.c. and portland, or, during this time, otherwise i would definitely be there.

how's your summer going? i'm hoping it's going to be a productive one (shopping, work, and otherwise).

christine said...

I love that dress, I was at Kick Pleat the other day and didn't see it! Lucky you snagged it since they didn't have great sizing left!

:: VEGA :: said...

I LOVE that dress... looks fabulous!

erica-knits said...

oh what a beautiful dress! Linen is definitely my fabric of choice at the moment as well! I can't wait to see your other purchases.

comfies said...

i love this blog! it's making me happy! thanks for posting this great stuff, i will keep checking back for sure.

nanashi said...

Cute dress! Looks like the piece to turn to in the 90s temp. I wish Steven Alan did more pieces like this one (my sister suspected that they hired a new knitwear designer because what they offer changed quite drastically).

as a note on the side I like the deer thing you have in the back, is that a mirror?

SASHA said...

i was just looking obsessively at this dress on creatures of comfort a few days ago, and just went to the fabric store to look at linens. i so love it. simple and beautiful.

erica said...

that is indeed a mirror! it's from koo de kir in boston. one of my favorite wedding gifts.

Moya said...

Erica--I agree with you about Mayle and Lyell. Lyell have their sales ridiculously late and while I can understand small businesses wanting to maximize their revenue, it's not wise when everyone else has marked stock down to 60% off. I didn't see the cardigan in Barneys when I was there (before you--so I have to go in today to see what they have on the off chance they got more stock in).

I've been reading microfilm for the last month and writing (although I have to stop the former and up the latter as soon as July hits). I'm also going to MoMA to watch some archival fragments from the 1917 Irene Castle serial Patria.

It's funny--looking through 1916-17 fashion pages in newspapers and celebrity magazines, I see beautiful clothes that could be remade today and look like Mayle or some other amazing designer.

Sales-wise, the best things I've found are sandals (you never know what each season will bring). I got three pairs of Chie Miharas for about 65% off and a pair of Tashkent by Cheyenne linen peeptoe ankle books for 75% off at their sample sale yesterday.

If Mayle and Lyell don't do some serious discounting soon, I'll be out of money!

Babelfish said...

This is so cute!

Núria said...

precioso vestido, me encanta!

porter hovey said...

So simple! So cute! LOVELY!!

Anonymous said...