Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pleated trousers?

i, erica of the short legs, have avoided pleated trousers, skinny or wide-leg, cropped or floor-skimming, for pretty much my entire life. perhaps i was scarred from my parochial school days when pleated navy shorts were able to make even a skinny 14 year old look like humpty-dumpty's cousin. but as i keep seeing pleated pants this spring, it makes me wonder.

here are some options that look good on paper.

any recommendations for a 5'4" girl?

silence and noise cropped trousers, $58, urban outfitters (via erica)

mayle rex pants, on sale for $279 at bird.

japanese style pants by le bouton.

pleated pants by duskin (stephanie of duskin swears they're great on short-legged girls, i'm intrigued)

pepita trousers by acne, $325 at la garconne.


jones said...

I love the japanese style pants. They look like something I could live in . . . Congratulations on your little one.

pam said...

I vote for the Le Bouton pants. I am similarly impaired, and I plan on ordering mine as soon as I can stop writing MY dissertation and have time to measure myself. BTW, Leon is so cute in his fine nappy cover.

Sara said...

i just tried on a pair from comptior des cotonniers that made me feel like a chic french woman..

after seeing the style on like 4 blogs this week i think i need to go back this weekend and get them!

evencleveland said...

I have one pair of wide-leg, single pleat pants I bought on sale ... and I love them. I would be interested to investigate further. More than one pleat scares me a little bit.

I really, really wsh I could try on those Le Bouton pants - they look perfect for summer.

(Leon could not be any cuter.)

Joanna Goddard said...

LOVING the japanese style pants!

romaine said...

I don't like the urban outfitter's ones nearly as much as the others (of course the UO would have to be the only inexpensive ones). the 2 tapered ones are my favorites - they look classic and would be wearable for years. also love the le bouton pants for comfort and funkiness. the pleating on all of them seem to be on the mild side and I am sure you would be smashing in any.

I am about 5'4" too, and in the 90s my favorite pants that I felt were very flattering on me were a pair of pantogonia pleated pants. I lost them a long time ago, though they probably would be in tatters now anyway.

what cute leon pics - makes me want another baby.

lsk said...

I vote for #2, #3 and #5. I'm 5'3" and rarely buy pants (especially ones with pleats) because they make my legs look stumpy. I've tried on the Mayle Rex pants and they were actually flattering, and since they are cropped, you will probably not need to hem them. I ended up purchasing a pair of the Boukris pants, which I found on sale. I also like Isabel Marant pants.

Congratulations on Leon. He's so adorable!

Moya said...

It's tough to make a call on pants when you can't try them on. I worry about this shape making my legs look short and I'm 5'10" so its a fear we all share. I like the Rex and the Japanese pants best, for what it matters.