Friday, March 20, 2009

shades of purple

unintentionally continuing my meditation on shades of purple.
marc by marc jacobs button down top (bought ages ago on clearance at saks)
martin clothing straight leg jeans
psling avant in sumile (i know it's riding my shoulder, but i can't figure out how to better wear it right now).

9 days since i left the house....but it's time to put on normal clothing again.


anabela / fieldguided said...

You look lovely & like spring. Enjoy your outing! xo

Moya said...

Lovely! I hope you were able to get out today, although the weather was hardly spring-like--snow in NYC this morning for the first day of spring.

Jennifer said...

is leon truly in there?
the purples are soooo soothing.

erica said...

still haven't gone outside, but am feeling hopeful i'll be released from confinement next week!

leon is indeed truly in the sling. he folds up very tiny, still...

leanne said...

erica - sometimes it helps to just get dressed, doesn't it? i hope that you get to have an adventure soon!

Chelsea said...

Such a sweet outfit! You are the most stylish mom ever.

Joanna Goddard said...

so sweet!

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

That sling really is such a great colour. You look so fresh and crisp, not what most mothers would look like at this early stage!

As for clothes, which you touched on in your latest post (and which I forgot to comment on), to make the wardrobe a little more flexibile/wearable I always wear a stretch singlet underneath my top which I pull up to avoid exposing too much skin.

I have to wonder, too, if Leon reall is in there?! He must love it, especially in your cold weather.

Jennifer said... took me weeks (weeks that add up to months if i recall) before i could bother with going outside.
and you look terrific!

c.Rachel said...

That is a gorgeous sling! Love the color too.

I found's forum to be a great place to learn how to wear my sling/pouch. Try to spread the sling fabric out across your back so that when it's going over your shoulder, it cups your shoulder and doesn't get gathered at your neck.
Another trick I learned is when you thread your fabric through the rings, straighten it out and then make little pleats to get it narrow enough to thread through the rings. This way it doesn't get tangled/twisted as you pull to tighten the sling.

I like how he is high and close to you, it saves your back that way. My back literally hurts when I see babes in slings/pouches and they are hanging low. Ouch.