Thursday, March 19, 2009

shopping break

it appears i'm on an extended shopping break. this past week has been very very tough. but that hasn't stopped me from continuing my search for flattering pleated pants. of course, i'll never know until i actually try them on.

i love all things isabel marant, and oh how i wish i could go to stuart and wright to try these on! the pleats are interesting, could either be gloriously perfect or disastrous depending on how they work with your body.

oh, and thanks to claire for reminding me about steven alan's collaboration with uniqlo. yet another reason to live in nyc, or at least somewhere with a uniqlo nearby. i want/need that gathered shirt.


Le Bouton said...

i, lisa of the short legs, declare that the top outfit is a perfect outfit. get those pants!

Moya said...

The Uniqlo stuff normally hangs around a while--racked were reporting that few people were buying them this morning. If you make it to NYC later this month, I am sure you'll be able to pick this shirt up.

I agree--you have to try on the pants. And Isabel Marant won't allow anybody to sell her clothing online.

How are you doing, Erica? Are you feeling better? How is Leon?

leanne said...

Get the pants!

romaine said...

sorry to hear you had a bad week, hope things are better, and great with Leon.

I am in agreement with others on the pants - i think you look so cute in many styles and would look great in pants with pleats. But I do understand not wanting to order what you are very unsure about. I live in CO - no apc, no barneys, no steve allen, etc....... sucks not being able to try on stuff first, particularily brands and styles not too familiar with. Shipping costs really hurt when you end up returning most.

Claire said...

Hope today is better. I think the Isabel Marant trousers look perfect. Yes, I got that shirt in white/blue stripe - it has some nice details - really thin cotton and plaited tabs that hold up the sleeves - and it was £19.99! In the UK at least you can order online but if you can't there I could get you one and post it to you (in orange/red?) easily, just let me know...

Kristien said...

Hey Erica, I hope that you are feeling better! I've really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful baby boy, Leon. So sweet. I thought in case you didn't have it I would pass along the Lucky Breaks code for the Mociun site (20% off!). It's good through April on all non-sale items. LOCALDEALAPR. I'm so tempted by the tie front dresses after seeing them on your blog!

erica said...

that's so sweet of you to offer, but it sounds like i should be able to pick up a shirt when we go to nyc in a couple of weeks.

we're doing much better right now, but i'm holding my breath for fear that this fragile truce will be broken.

the tie-front tulip skirt dresses are so cute, but be warned that they're very very short! thanks for sharing the code, i haven't checked the Lucky site in ages.

the pants are calling to me, i'm going to check with celeste to see how much they are. i need to keep careful track of my pennies nowadays. who knew diapers could be so expensive, or that i would go through so many every day??

erica said...

alas, stuart and wright only has a size 0 left in the isabel marant pants.

half my shopping problems would be solved if i could manage to drag myself and leon to nyc for a few days. i've been thinking of staying at the ace hotel so we don't have to do the trip in a single day.

lsaspacey said...

I always thought you could order Isabel Marant through Has that changed?

leanne said...

I tried on the pants today at a store in Westport on my lunch break - I love them! They are an inch or so longer than I would want (I have short legs) and I think that Stuart and Wright shows them rolled up? I wore a size 1. The waist fit perfectly around my natural waist (high), but the pleats do cause a bit of bagginess in the lower abdomen, crotch area. This probably is a terrible description, but I thought that the waist part would interest you. Curious to know what you think if you try them on. Also - they were around $300.