Thursday, January 12, 2012

apc forest green crochet sweater

today is a black and forest green kind of day. rain and fog with snow in the forecast for tomorrow. i wish i had this sweater in my closet.

marked down to $105 at arrow & arrow in a medium and large.


Mona said...

This winter I crave forest green too but I was told it clashes with my olive skin - I still do it!

OT: I am so glad that despite a new city, pregnancy, a toddler and teaching you are writing this blog, I am a huge fan of yours...from Slushy Cambridge MA

Kim said...

that sweater is a dream!

erica said...

Mona--I used to think it clashed with my skin color, too, but depending on the right green, it can be very flattering.

It's slushy for the first time in Toronto. I'm wearing my forest green Aigles, black-green Barbour Bedale, and dark blue SA button down--green and navy, another favorite combination!

Mona said...
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Unknown said...
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