Tuesday, January 31, 2012

in love with linen--pip squeak chapeau button down shirts and wiksten dresses

my closet is looking quite barren these days. i guess i was a little too strict when i started wardrobe purging a couple of years ago. my shopping list post-baby grows ever longer...oversized linen button down shirts from pip-squeak chapeau, mark mcnairy boots (i swear my feet are going to go up another half-size), current/elliott roller jeans in pastel shades and a denim shirt, and if i'm lucky, this wiksten valentine dress. i'm normally not a tie-dye person, but i do love how it turned out on linen. i guess there will only be 3 available, and the upload will probably happen during my lunch meeting this thursday, so i'll just have to admire from afar.


julia said...

I think it's never a bad thing to clean out the wardrobe - I think I only regretted selling one thing once but now I can't recall what it was, so clearly it wasn't too important! I feel like the past year I have a clearer sense of what I really will wear for years, not things that will fall to side and be forgotten. (Lately my uniform is a uniqlo shirt, the STA jeans, and no 6's.)

I should tell you I made a button down! I'm excited to show you :)

Jocy said...

I was never into linen before, but lately I just can't stop. I've been looking at that line's Batist shirts to inspire my next trip to the tailor.

erica said...

I am seriously obsessed with linen. It gets softer with every wash and is a remarkably sturdy fabric.

Lucky you, Jocy, with ready access to affordable tailors! I wish I had taken more advantage of it while in Vietnam for a month.

Julia, a button down! Can't wait to see all of your new clothing designs. I also can't wait to fit into my STA jeans again this summer. How are your no.6s holding up?