Tuesday, January 17, 2012

birthday wish list

UZI disko kimono top. because i'm only going to get bigger in the next 3 months.

Kaico Enamel Milk Pan at Anaise.  for hot chocolate

etoile isabel marant qimi shirtdress. for later when i don't have time to fuss with my outfits.


julia said...

i sure could go for some hot chocolate right about now.

happy birthday! :)

erica said...

thanks, julia!
it's tomorrow, but i thought i should give matthew a head's up ;)

julia said...

haha, yes the men always need that little reminder :p

Anna said...

I like all of these things (and everything at Anaise is gorgeous)! While procrastinating a moment ago, I ran across this very similar thing on the beautfiul Mr Kitly website, and was reminded of the milk pan I'd just seen on your wish list: http://mrkitly.bigcartel.com/product/keiko-matsui-finjan
happy birthday!