Wednesday, January 18, 2012

more thoughts on uniforms

from more & co's blog, photo by mav (?)

i saw this photo on more & co's inspiring blog and wondered how many of us wear a similar type of uniform. oversized button-down shirt, skinny jeans, and a messy bun. even though i'm at my office every day, i don't have to dress up unless i'm teaching. i've been struggling to find button-down shirts that cover the belly but aren't too huge in the sleeves, but after seeing this photo, maybe loose all over isn't necessarily a bad thing. i guess it helps to roll up the sleeves.

for those of you who wear oversized button-downs, do you buy men's shirts? or are there specific brands or styles for women that offer the right combination of slouch and flattering details?  i suspect i'm over thinking something that is really quite simple, but finding the perfect fit isn't always easy with basic pieces.


Mona said...

Brooks brothers non-iron shirts is amazing for women. I get the fitted but I am thinking of going for classic slouchier fit.
The fabrics are masculine (same as the men's) and the details are perfect. I like the crisp finish of non-iron (wash, dry and go).

Custom-made BB shirts are very affordable (same or less than SA) and what a dream to have a shirt made to your desire.

I cannot find skinny jeans in heavy denim that have a mid to high rise to go with my shirts... that is another story

A french blogger Fonelle swears by men shirt from Uniqlo.

popcorn plays said...

hmm.. maybe this isn't helpful but 90% of my oversize + cotton + button down shirts are thrift store finds. it's the easiest/cheapest kind of top to thrift. other than that, i actually really like the american apparel button downs. they are cut narrow in the shoulders + have a nice slouchy shape.

Amanda said...

Men's shirts always run long in the body and arms for me. Steven Alan shirts always work for me though (I like the reverse seam but maybe at this point the boyfriend shirts will be a better pick for you).

Madewell also has some good flannel shirts that I've been wearing on a daily basis.

jennifer said...

I'm also a fan of Madewell shirts. I can't do shirts that are too oversized, but I like a looser fit. Madewell shirts fit in the shoulders but are otherwise fairly loose.

erica said...

i've been thinking of thrift stores, although i rarely have the patience. it's a tricky thing finding a shirt that is oversized but with attractive proportions. narrow shoulders would probably help. i wish there were a madewell here!!

so funny, but a brooks brothers is going to open on the ground floor of my building in the spring. i should check out their downtown store in the meanwhile.

i found SA reverse seams to be too short in the torso, and the boyfriend was oddly both oversized and too narrow (if that makes any sense). the SA heddy has worked the best during this pregnancy, but of course they aren't being made right now.

i'm going to check out the american apparel near my house this weekend. cheap is definitely a selling point when it comes to maternity wear!

and mona--i'm definitely intrigued by the custom BB shirts. i had no idea they did that!

julia said...

jeans and a button up are pretty much all i wear everyday. i've gotten so lazy! sometimes jeans don't even happen, and i resort to leggings - i know, i know - but i never leave the house like that!

i've also turned to thrift stores a lot for buttons ups because there are so many options there. i've found quite a few good ones - but the funny thing is i've never ended up keeping them that long - i usually end up re-donating them. i found a really great white one at h&m last spring. the fit was surprisingly amazing & quite flattering (fitted in the shoulders, loose throughout, long) - the fabric isn't great but what can you do?

i tried on a sa boyfriend shirt once and i thought the fit was weird on me - loose in the shoulders & sleeves and then tight around the hips. i love the heddy shirt though - too bad they're not available right now.

Jade said...

i love oversized everything--to a point! maybe it's the man repeller in me. i have a mociun blouse from FW10 that is quite roomy and long--i think it's the 'passenger blouse' and her short sleeve blouse from this season is quite roomy as well. i'm really loving oversized things with a thin bottom--either a pencil skirt or some form-fitting pants--this is great for the eating holidays! and for oversized all around i love the rachel comey pocket dress, though it is not a shirt, per se.

Anna McClurg said...

erica, i know exactly the kind of shirt you are talking about! unfortunately, i'm not really sure where to get them! but i would love one myself! i like the idea of fitted sleeves and a looser body. i always look bad in shirts that are too big for me. but then i've been known to wear them anyway. i wear my husbands shirts a lot. but sometimes i get tired of dressing masculine and i get in a very feminine mood! anyway, i'm glad you brought this topic up, because i have been thinking about what to wear while working. often times, like julia was saying, i just wear leggings and a t-shirt around the house. i was thinking how it would be cool to make a uniform for myself. like i'd just wear basic jeans and a shirt underneath and then some sort of linen tunic or smock or something over the top. maybe one in black and another in natural linen. And in the summer you could wear it like a dress. anyway, now i'm rambling. but you got me thinking! now i really want to figure something out.

btw, i'd be curious if you do find that perfect button up!

p.s. here is a post i've always been really inspired by, regarding uniform for work:

erica said...

julia--that's exactly how i feel about thrift store finds! and yeah, the SA boyfriend was a bit tight around the hips, and this was in my thinner days!

jade--the looser top and skinny bottoms is my favorite silhouette, too. i wish i had bought a mociun top last season for dressier occasions.

anna--i loved the apron/smock that you made a couple of years ago. i spent 8 years in a uniform (catholic school), and it really did help me get in the mindset of 'work.'

there was a period several years ago when all of the stores were selling loose tunics (jcrew, h&m, gap, et al.) they aren't so easy to find anymore, alas! i had a le bouton broad shirt, which was nearly perfect except a bit too short and wide.

Sara said...

I was thinking about you today while shopping at Artizafor my birthday :). Have you been there yet? They have a big sale right now. Lots of styles that fit the loose on top/skinny bottom look. I even managed to find a breastfeeding friendly dress.

Also I seem to remember that BB is much more expensive in Canada.

roberta jane said...

i like jcrew's boyfriend fit shirts. they are slouchier in the body but still more fitted in the shoulders and arms so that you don't end up looking like a linebacker. i had a hard time with button downs when i got really pregnant, i felt like a circus tent! the bigger my belly got the more i felt comfortable in more form fitting clothes that wouldn't add additional size to my already inflated self. your regular size button downs can be cute worn open or with a couple buttons done over a tank and maternity skinnies.

p.s. i don't know if i ever got around to saying congratulations!! do you know what you are having? is leon super excited to welcome a sibling?

erica said...

sara--i tried to go into aritzia once but the music was too loud. am i getting too old? ;) hope you're having a relaxing birthday, too!

rj--i was all about form-fitting tops last pregnancy, but lately i've been feeling self-conscious. i'm happiest in my SA heddy shirt, a wool cardigan, and skinny jeans, but the rest of my button downs are impossible right now.

we're having another boy at the end of march, about 10 weeks to go, and leon talks about the new baby all the time. it's pretty nice to have a bigger age gap because leon is much more aware. hah, maybe that will lead to more jealousy...!

Sara said...

The music is loud :) but it's worth putting up with for a bit.

ilana kohn said...

erica, i'd recommend trying the steven alan boyfriend shirts but sized up - that's toooootally my uniform!

stephanie renee said...

my favorite oversized button ups come from the gap mens department. i have also gotten a couple from the jcrew mens department. pretty much my uniform too!

Fleurette said...

I've noticed that scandinavian brands like acne, filippa k, hope, whyred make oversized button-downs for women with nice details – but if you're petite, they'll be too huge in the smallest size because scandinavians are big. i rely on apc for shirts!

Fleurette said...

I've noticed that scandinavian brands like acne, filippa k, hope, whyred make oversized button-downs for women with nice details – but if you're petite, they'll be too huge in the smallest size because scandinavians are big. i rely on apc for shirts!

Becky-lee said...

I do love this look but I'm pretty small up top and biggest at the hips, since my belly is getting bigger it's hard to make use of my waist so boxy shirts are hard for me I splurged on a shirt from Emerson made, but it's too by everywhere but tight at the hips, I've heard great things about the hatch shirts and really want to try them but their $$$ and most blogs I've seen them on with good reviews are sponsored by them, any one know much about them?