Monday, April 16, 2007

acne jeans paperbag skirt

acne jeans paperbag skirt, $275
(photo from

judging from these mannequin shots of my skirt, you would think that it's a disaster waiting to happen.

here are my blurry photos due to gloomy weather. anyway, the paperbag waist does not disappoint. admittedly, it's a tricky silhouette to pull off for curvier people. but as you can see from the side view, it doesn't add disproportionately to your waist area. it's like a more adventurous pencil skirt. whoever designed this is brilliant because the huge, roomy patch pockets aren't very bulky, and the belt can be cinched for a more or less bunchy-look depending on your mood. as you can see, i prefer less, and the mannequin probably would have appreciated my approach, too.

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jenny said...

oh, i love it!