Wednesday, April 18, 2007

not ready to celebrate

but i have really fabulous news!

someone wants to buy my first wedding dress. after 1 1/2 years of posting it on, i have a real potential buyer. i had a few nibbles over the year, but they would always ask me to reduce the price drastically or would simply change their minds. i don't blame them, it's a hard thing to buy your wedding dress online.

anyway, this is what i could have looked like on my wedding day:

as you may remember, this is what i ended up wearing. totally different look. both could have worked, but this one was so much more exciting.

you know the drill:

Dress 1-- Altered Bride Boston lace strapless gown, $2200, sold for $500 (unworn condition)
Dress 2-- Vera Wang silk organza with hand embroidery, $6500, paid $900 at a bridal outlet

net loss (including alterations fees): $2900.

i keep telling myself how amazing the Vera Wang was and how beautifully the pictures of it turned out. but still, do you know what i could have bought for that much money? a super lightweight laptop (thinkpad x60s, yeah!) and a vintage dress from suitable for bridal wear. i am never getting married again, no matter how much i enjoy designing my own stationary or making up a gift registry.

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