Saturday, April 07, 2007

mekong river delta

on the way to Can Tho

waiting on the ferry

crossing the river

sunset and boats

Can Tho city at dusk

Can Tho floating market

floating market beverages lady

an offering

My Tho tourist boats

island house and garden

island house interior


Anonymous said...

seeing all those ducks jammed into a small,cramped space breaks my heart!

i'm a big animal lover, so seeing that photo makes me so sad. =*(

erica said...

i know, it's so depressing to see animals treated so poorly, even though i know they're destined for the markets or a restaurant.

i'm glad i didn't post a picture of the kitties and puppies at the pet store stall in HCMC. there were 4-5 animals stuffed into a small soiled cage each, and several of the animals had sores and an overall unhealthy look.

however, i'm happy to report that the pet cats and dogs that i did see in shops seemed to be well-fed and happy, although starved for the type of attention that my cats are more accustomed to receiving.

different cultures, different attitudes towards pets, i guess.