Tuesday, April 17, 2007

vince cashmere sweater + APC smock dress

vince cashmere open-front sweater, $110 from bergdorfgoodman.com, originally $275. neiman marcus is selling it online for $138. aren't they owned by the same company? i still have a hard time understanding these price discrepancies. maybe the problem is that i spend too much time comparison shopping at brick and mortar and online shops. as much as i like a good bargain, i still feel pretty loyal to certain shops. if i had money, i would buy more things from them, even if they charged a few dollars extra and i had to pay shipping for the phone order. but bergdorf? neiman marcus? as if i really care about those companies.
(image from www.azaleasf.com)

would like to buy:
APC pocket mini dress in orange and khaki, $197 from Azalea SF.

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Anonymous said...


How do you style a smock dress?
I have a cute night gown that I got at a church rummage sale and haven't figured out how to wear it. I haven't mastered volume yet.