Thursday, April 12, 2007

tom scott arrivals at impulse

remember this dress from a long time ago posting?
yes, it's our favorite tom scott cotton jersey parachute / cocoon dress.
impulse now has it in stock, $354.
so many endless fascinating possibilities! so tempting!

but wait!
maybe what i really want is the tom scott cashmere navy square sweater for $388. so many thoughts running through my head now as i try to justify a non-essential clothing purchase:

-$354 is $34 less than $388, so i should buy the dress
-cashmere will last longer than cotton jersey and is a more luxurious material, so i should buy the sweater
-a dress is a complete outfit, buy the dress
-i wear sweaters with jeans or skirts more often than i wear dresses because the weather is fickle here, buy the sweater

you've seen the pictures, so what's the verdict? if i had, hypothetically, money for a tom scott piece, which should i buy? it's difficult because i feel a certain amount of loyalty to the dress, since i fell in love with it first. but now i'm leaning towards the sweater because i know i'd probably wear it more considering my track record with dresses (i wear the same grey habitual skinny jeans and a cardigan every day). let's face it, my life is a hopeless reclusive mess. the last time i wore a dress and heels was, um, never. but the sweater is more expensive than the dress, and i've never spent THAT much money on a top, not even for cashmere. anyway, i'm sure my hand will be dealt for me since the dress will likely sell out soon.

one final parting image of the sweater. there's something a little eileen fisher about it, i must admit. but there's also something about it that makes me think that audrey hepburn would have worn this outfit. slouchy yet structured is always a good thing.

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