Sunday, April 15, 2007

nor'easter in april, or what we mean to say

turtle dreaming of being an only cat

yesterday i was very annoyed with hector because his behaviour is regressing to a rodent-like scurrying and foraging for bits of food. i told him that if he continued down this evil road of maladjustment, i would drive him to a far off city, like Beverly, and leave him in a parking lot to fend for himself. i didn't really mean it, but i am beginning to worry about my moral and psychological fitness as a potential mother.

so tomorrow is the boston marathon. hooray! apparently the weather will be pretty frightful, although thankfully this unseasonable nor'easter should be mostly wrapped up by then.

as this morning was grey and miserable, i woke up, changed out of my pjs into nearly the same outfit i was wearing last night, plunked myself in front of the computer, and have been trying to write ever since. i am terribly behind and in trouble with my workshop organizers for not turning in a draft of my presentation last friday. it's my fault for putting things off for the last minute, especially since i knew i would be gone for an entire month. but my half-excuse is that i left my thumb drive in california and no longer have access to all those drafts i had been working on beforehand. this is a bad excuse though, because i probably wouldn't have used them since i decided to write something completely different that incorporates my vietnam and US travels into a paper written two years ago.

so this is what i look like when i really let myself go:

apc new standard lowrise jeans
warm sheepskin slippers
plaid flannel shirt from faconnable
neighborhoodies customized hoodie paying homage to my college and the venerable "OE in the IE" column penned by Drew Eastman and Richard Caperton in The Student Life paper. it featured our fearless duo drinking themselves silly in various locations in the Inland Empire.

the film by David Lynch is pretty incredible, too.

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