Saturday, April 14, 2007 regrets / new finds at stel's

against my better judgement, i bought these rachel comey derby shoes from for $99.95 (originally $288). i must need a new monitor, because the color was totally off in real life. i thought these shoes were supposed to be a pale bone color. and in fact, they seem to look just like the ones featured on rachel comey's website. how could two different websites be so wrong?

so in real life, they're closer to a pale taupe. that's just not the color i was envisioning when planning new outfits around my new shoes. plus, they cut into my ankle bone, which is a typical problem for me. so, the shoes are fine, but a bit longer and pointy-toed than i would like, the color is off, and they're cheap but not cheap enough to justify suffering through them. god, i'm already suffering for my overly small APC boots that i bought at Hejfina in chicago. i'm learning to trust my instincts when it comes to shoes. if i have to tell myself that we'll make it work, i should just walk away from the sale.

anyway, i went to stel's yesterday because i heard they had some pieces by tom scott. i tried on the square black sweater ($450?!?! why the extra markup? so confused), which was exactly what i hoped for, and a couple other more 'avant-garde' pieces. one of which, my partner later commented, was obviously the 'upside-down sweater look'. well, i thought it looked interesting and challenging, but of course he chose to belittle it.

so instead of buying $300+ sweaters, i opted for the acne paperbag waist blue skirt. it is truly amazing. i was skeptical of the paperbag waist (80s flashback, counterintuitive design), but when i tried it on, i had to admit it looked pretty fabulous. i was struck by how quickly i adapted to the new fit. normally i hate tucking in my shirt or wearing anything that is particularly formfitting around my mid-section, but for some reason, i had no problems tucking my tanktop into the skirt. it's like the skirt was calling all the shots. anyway, i'll post pictures later when i'm feeling less under the gun about this research in progress workshop i agreed to do months ago.

i also went into dress, but wasn't so excited by their offerings. it's not that anything has changed in the store. same lovely vanessa bruno, adam + eve, catherine malandrino, vena cava, 3.1 philip lim pieces. so it must be me. stel's was so much more exciting and interesting. although i wouldn't wear a lot of their things, the way the collection is curated (not a single bad APC piece in sight) forces you to react differently and imagine potential outfits/selves that you wouldn't have ever considered on your own. so, if it weren't for the fact that they're charging $60 more for that tom scott sweater, i would totally buy it from them.

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