Tuesday, April 17, 2007

rachel comey sandals

something must be wrong with me because i really like these fringed rachel comey sandals. here's the wedge t-strap version:

creatures of comfort, $290 ; kick pleat, $276

brown version at Impulse, $288. according to their blog, these shoes run narrow and half a size small. i'm not sure my wide birkenstock feet will be able to wear these shoes, even in a size 9 or whatever. anyway, anthropologie also carries these, i think in brown, for about the same price, if not a little more.

slingback version at mick margo, available at refinery29 shops, $265

brown version at creatures of comfort, $280.

i prefer the cream color. the brown ones seem a little too moccasin-hippie-luxe for me. i wonder if this style also runs narrow. i'm definitely leaning more towards it (these are all hypothetical decisions and ruminations, of course).

anyway, there are a bunch of great shoes by rachel comey this season. but can i justify nearly $300 on sandals when i know i'll revert to wearing my reefs anyway? plus, i have those pretty mayle slingbacks that i bought early last fall and haven't had a chance to wear yet. similar in concept, but a totally different look. but rows of leather fringe? hmm, i wonder if i would regret it later or would embrace it as part of my california heritage. they're almost like golf shoes reinterpreted in sandal form. which is a little bit preppy and and a lottle bit me. i keep telling myself i need to find a rich husband. but then i remember that i'm already married and destitute, with bleak financial prospects. shame on me. i'm sure other grad students manage quite well on their stipends and even save a bit of money, pay off loans and don't carry credit card balances. oh the shame.

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