Thursday, August 23, 2007

foldover boots and other shoes

every fall it's the same old story.
it's nigh impossible to buy good quality, sleek, comfortable boots for under $600. i've never bought a pair of jcrew boots, and campers aren't for everyone, so is our only option to wait until winter sales?
anyway, i found some for under $500. i was primarily struck by the greyish brown color. i haven't seen that many boots online yet, so maybe there's still hope.

Devotte Andrea Flat Boot, smoke (also comes in black), $488 Shopbop
the back detail seems a bit strange. a bit victorian, i guess.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison flat fold over boots in elefant (also in black), $490 from Bird.
didn't they do this exact boot last year? is it good that it can fold over? i dunno.

Devotte scalloped wedge sandals, $139 from $280 at Bird. they only have one pair left in what i think is my size 38.5 (is that an 8? or an 8.5? i'm so confused). i don't really need them, i know.


Ten Thousand Only said...

the first pair is BIG hotness. but $488 for boots would be me in crazytown. hm. should i go to crazytown...

Lena said...

i love all of your posts erica!

i've been on the hunt for boots similar to both of these for so long... these are so close, but still not right! argh!

erica said...

when it comes to frustrating shopping, i think boots are up there on the list with jeans (so simple, yet so impossible). the other problem that anyone in a snowy climate has to deal with is caring for the leather. even water repellants are no match for 6 inch deep puddles of chemically-treated slush. that's when i break out the wellies so i can galumph about to my heart's content.

Michelle said...

I totally agree with you, finding good boots is super hard. I like the first ones, and I think that victorian detail is nice too.

Anonymous said...

hmm, the first one is gorgeous from the side, except i don't like the back detail either. it looks...fussy.

i like 2 a lot, especially from the front, but the fold over is hugely unattractive to me. reminds me too much of something hyper trendy from urban outfitters.

38.5 is a 8.5

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this blog! Did you make your trip to NY? You're definitely missing out by not coming to Brooklyn, there are so many things you would love to discover here.

I got these Devotte shoes, they've been my favorite of the summer.

erica said...

i agree, both boots are promising, but the little details throw me off.
yes, i made it to nyc for a power shopping trip. i didn't buy anything besides steven alan plaid button-downs at the outlet. most of the fall things haven't shipped yet, so there wasn't much to see at Lyell or Mayle. a.p.c. is selling trench coats, and i am debating whether or not to buy one.
i went to Bird on Smith St, though. i love the tashkent by cheyenne ballet flats with the lamb-fur sock lining. i hope anthropologie carries them because they always mark them down.
i really need to reserve a weekend for brooklyn-only shopping. maybe when i return from my research trip to LA in september.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! I look forward to your impressions of our fair borough in your 'Brooklyn only', I really enjoy all your posts.

ChiGirl said...

I really love your taste in shoes from the sandals to the boots. Those patent leather ones above are SOO cool! If I had $700 to spend I might do the same.