Thursday, August 02, 2007

houston (back from the dead)

newspaper clippings. Houston-Ethnic Groups-Chinese-1900-1970

bellaire blvd. new shopping center. looks like a neo-classical chinese shop house to me.

vietnamese heritage plaza, baldwin park. midtown. multi-lingual greetings pavers.

bellaire blvd. is it a mega church?

teo chew temple, new chinatown

one eared neighborhood cat. likes to bite.

local artist 'give up'. exactly.

downtown. view from fourth ward (freedman's historic district)

sterling plaza pedestrian walkway. view from grocery store towards bellaire blvd.

lotus flowers in artificial pond in hong kong city mall (vietnamese-american developed)

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christine said...

I hate to ask this even further, but are you doing work on the Vietnamese Diaspora? I'm from Houston also so it's strange to see all these unsightly photos of places I was dragged to as a child in both Houston and Vietnam. I especially never thought anyone would be interested academically in the Hong Kong City Mall there, now I'm really intrigued.