Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wedding post

letterpress stationary, friend of a friend, shelley (
vera wang silk organza dress, Vows (
brideshead revisited french veiling with detachable flower (
flowers, twig, south end (
reception, upstairs on the square, harvard square (
digital photography, matthew's friend, kristen truax, seattle (


Lena said...

i love your invites... and the dress, of course! beautiful. and it's really really refreshing to hear an honest wedding story!

MrsEm said...

Yay! Love it all!

Unknown said...

gorgeous! i especially love the shot of the girl in the chair...just precious!

Ten Thousand Only said...

wow. great photos...your veil is so fantastic.

erica said...

thanks! the veil was one of my favorite things. i bet you could make something similar for much much less (hint hint)!

dapotato said...

beautiful! in fact, one of my friends does make veils like that for fun for all of us getting married.

nice hanbok, too. i regret not wearing one at my wedding, despite loving my gown.