Friday, August 31, 2007

hannah clark secrets necklace

went to nyc again yesterday with matthew and bought myself a necklace at hannah clark's shop and studio in the east village. when worn, the two hands clasp, concealing an embedded piece of bone. i love the length of the necklace and the way the two hands dangle. hannah was very approachable and friendly. her shop is tiny and filled with beautiful jewelry, ashley watson handbags (discovered via lena corwin), drawings, vintage watches, and a dog with the most adorable underbite.

these lion earrings are so sweet. they remind me of something henri rousseau would paint.

if i could redo my wedding set, i would have it done in this setting in rose gold with a matching band. i love the twig-like texture of the metal. considering how much work goes into these pieces, i was surprised by how reasonable her prices were.

a set of custom wedding bands.


ingridviola said...

so nice!

Ten Thousand Only said...

NOT even funny how much i LOVEEE the 4-prong on rose gold. wow. WOW. love. LOVE.

Elle said...

Wait, where is the bone from? Do I want to know?

e said...

umm, best not to ask.