Tuesday, August 14, 2007

winter coats (august edition)

it may only be august, but it's never too early to plot your next winter coat purchase. i'm going to have to sit this one out due to my coat shopping spree last winter, but i won't say no to trying one or two on while in nyc.

a.p.c. plaid toggle coat, $616, available at Impulse.
does it come with a detachable hood, too?

Mayle black and white wool bomber, $835 at Impulse.
not technically a coat, true. but it looks warm enough.

Mayle nadia coat, $1400 at shopjake.com
i'm not sure how i feel about this coat. there are so many things wrong with it. white? leather trim that looks suspiciously like a dog collar? do i like the tiered sleeves or not? why is it so expensive? and yet, i rather like the general shape of the coat, the way that it falls straight and narrow without looking uncomfortable.

United Bamboo short toggle coat, available at Stel's. probably costs $700-1000, judging from previous collections.
jon at stel's showed me the united bamboo lookbook. i hope they're getting this coat soon. i love the royal blue color, the wide, luxurious cut with the lapel/hood lying open.


Anonymous said...

I bought the short Mayle jacket - I think i may be mispriced at impulse b/c I paid $670 +tax at the Nolita boutique - I love it but my only complaint is that it is really stiff. I agree with you regarding the white coat - I would look like something out of the Chronicles of Narnia wearing that!

e said...

hmm, $670? i have yet to understand the logic behind mark-ups. i hope that was a mis-price on Impulse's website, as that's quite a price jump.
i really really need to go to nyc. maybe this weekend? i've been dying for some egg custard tarts from chinatown, anyway.

michelle said...

Oh I love that white one, so beautiful and so unique! I could never justify spending that kind of money on it though, unless it does taxes and dishes too.

Ten Thousand Only said...

any time i'd sleep, dream, walk, eat, breathe...i'd do it all in that royal blue coat. OH YES. i would.

MissEm said...

I just wanted to say how much I love, love the wedding picture you use on this site! Your dress, the flowers, the whole thing. You should do a post about your wedding...just for me!

e said...

thanks! i'll try and see what i can do.

Anonymous said...

The white Mayle coat is actually nicer in person - the sleeves are tiered because you can remove them and the jacket becomes short-sleeved. I wish it came in colors other than black and white though. oh, and I wish it wasn't $1,400.00!!! Clothing has sure gotten out of hand expensive,

e said...

i had no idea the sleeves were removable. so intriguing. it comes in black?!?! my main complaint (aside from the strange leather neck thingie) was the color. beautiful fabric, fascinating texture, but why white??
what's going on with clothing prices? is it inflation (because my income sure isn't inflating)? i know the european labels are more expensive due to the weak dollar...but still.