Friday, August 10, 2007

pregnant people everywhere

there is something funny going on. maybe it's because i'm 27 (and a half), maybe it's because i'm married, but i feel like everyone i know (including people i don't really know, but whose blogs i read) are pregnant or just had a baby.

1. i move into my condo, summer 2005. november, my upstairs neighbors (we share a lightwell and its acoustics) have a little girl.
2. my cousin, who got married in may 2006, three weeks before me, is pregnant by august.
3. my husband's younger brother, also married in may, and his wife are pregnant by august, too. (sad note, it's ectopic and has to be terminated)
4. new neighbors move in downstairs (same lightwell sharing love), august, 2006. baby boy in late january, 2007.
5. colleague of mine, already has a baby girl from 3 years ago, has another in january.
6. an associate professor in my department and his wife have a second girl, early june.
7. upstairs neighbors and their noisy 1 1/2 yr. old move out. reason? pregnant again. they lease their condo to a new couple. the day after they move in, she goes into labor. baby born 1 month early.
8. colleague in my department and his wife are due in november, 2007.
9. junior faculty in my department, pregnant and due sometime in the early fall by the looks of it.
10. yet another colleague of mine, due in november.
11. my other sister-in-law (married august, 2005), due in january, 2008.

that seems like a whole lot of new babies that will make my acquaintance in just 2-3 years. these couples are all at very different stages in their lives. their ages run from 21 to past 40. all i've been able to muster is a list of potential baby names and two baby cashmere sweaters that i bought at the TSE outlet. at this point, i'm not sure i'll have children, but those miniature outfits are so darn cute.

is it normal to know this many pregnant people?

i guess this means i'm getting old.


Kimberly Alidio said...

Hi e-- I'm a bit older than you but in my department alone three colleagues have had or will have daughters within a year. It's driving me a bit batty but I don't know exactly why. I'm quite happy being childless but...

By the way, I found you via Lena Corwin (your Heimstone post has made me want to buy multiple pairs of black tights, and look forward to fall).

erica said...

it was 68 degrees today, windy and rainy, and i got to wear a sweater. i can't wait for fall!

pepper said...

I think there is a huge baby boom going on across the country. The nurses at the hospital confirmed it for me here in San Francisco we are clearly having a baby increase. It is strange nearly everyone I know just had a baby or is about to...myself included. Anyway what I'm really saying is I don't think you are old.

erica said...

glad to hear i'm not old. i wonder what is causing the baby boom? your little urban baby is so cute, by the way!

Unknown said...

it looks like chris and tonya find out next week whether it's a girl or a boy.

MrsEm said...

Don't forget Nicole Richie, too ;)

erica said...

ah yes, how could we forget?