Wednesday, June 13, 2007

all the pretty dresses (indecision)

so a while back i saw this photo of keri russell looking very pregnant in a very pink dress. i loved the color on her and knew it was something that would look good on me, too.

(from yes, this is one of my favorite sites. embarrassed silence)

and then i discovered that Jake in Chicago was selling the exact same dress, now on sale for $230 ($184 with toutie discount code) from $330.

Tucker by Gaby Basora dress in Night in Lalonde (

here it is on a regular (non pregnant) model, from the color seems off to me, but these images raise a few key questions.

1. should i exchange the Vanessa Bruno dress for the smaller size? the customer rep at Jake thought the dress might be a little baggy on me.
2. should i return the dress, pay $60 more, and buy the Tucker dress instead?
3. do you think i would encounter the same waistline-annihilating problems with the Tucker dress? (note the somewhat undefined waist on the model in the front view. the back view is not as bad)
4. oh merde, i've run out of thoughts for the evening. i'm going to sit in bed and read my new novel now. . . .

hmmm, i think Jake is no longer accepting the toutie code on sale items. double merde! i guess that answers my question: exchange the VB for a smaller size, if it isn't fabulous, return it and use the store credit later. maybe the Tucker's price will be reduced further. maybe not. whatever.

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