Thursday, June 07, 2007

drunk shopping (mayle and vanessa bruno)

this morning i received an email from Jake boutique in Chicago that their Spring goodies were marked down 40%.

i want this dress. it is perfect. it is white. the fabric is heavy (i tried it out at the mayle boutique in nolita), the embroidery and detail work is exquisite. i want. it would be perfect for a courthouse wedding. or renewing vows in piazza navona, rome. so 60s, so chic. at $308 (with 20% off toutie code), how can you say no?

but i said no. not because of the price (though i should) but because it is white. i am really really really bad at keeping white clothing nice. impulse in seattle had it in black. oh well. $600 or $300, it doesn't matter, i'm so broke, why even think about it?

so i bought this instead. how did it happen? i don't know, but my finger kept pressing the mouse button, and i kept typing in credit card information, and when it asked me if i were sure i wanted to buy a sale item, i kept clicking "more debt please" and in about five days it will be sitting on my doorstep waiting to be worn (can i wear it while pregnant?? i hope so. it has an elastic waistband...). vanessa bruno is well known for her clever draping and use of fabric to make you feel better about yourself. this is why you should spend hundreds of dollars on her stuff rather than buy cheap knockoffs at h&m. i'm not kidding, you know.

vanessa bruno dress, (i'm pretty sure they're sold out, but has it on sale for $180).

vanessa bruno dress, in grey, originally $268, $155 on sale, with toutie discount, $124 from

i really wanted it in the green color, but it would cost $70 more. and i don't even have $124 to spend on this dress except that it is the epitome of the "interesting" staple wardrobe item.

so i went over my clothing budget within 3 weeks. i'm so disappointed in myself. at least i've managed to cut down on my diamond-hunting habit. chipping a diamond really lowers your morale and makes you question whether you'll ever deserve something like it again.


Anonymous said...

I was at the Mayle sample sale last week and I thought of you. There was quite an inventory of Anais dresses ($125). I kept wondering whether you were able to make it to NYC.

e said...

no, i wasn't able to make it to the sample sale. i've been tracking an Anais dress on eBay for $140. i'm sure the seller bought it during the sale and is hoping to make a tidy profit.

Fort Greener said...

I was at the Mayle sample sale too -- I bought this dress! And too many others. Feeling like I went a little hogwild...I like your blog!