Wednesday, June 20, 2007

wedding ring

i am the last person in the world who should be posting about jewelry. BUT, i think this is a wonderful wedding band/engagement ring option for people who are a bit whimsical. it's so hard to find a modern floral design.

Garden Ring, hand-fabricated in yellow or white gold (designer unknown, i saw it at Stuart Moore in Newport Beach) --$2400-3500, available from


Lena said...

just wanted to say how much i'm enjoying your blog. boy, can i relate to your love of clothes. it can really be torturous (which sounds so ridiculous)! often times i wish i just didn't WANT so many things...

i love your style and like seeing the photos of you're daily outfits! thanks for visiting my blog, that's how i found yours.

Ten Thousand Only said...

i love this ring. even as a non wedding ring, i would wear it. in fact, i might just buy one. holy, your site is going to be the end of me.

the bf and i were walking through the jewelry district and i tried on a very non-traditional tiered-diamonds type of ring. i guess you could call it a 'right-hand ring'. it was SO bling and pretty...i asked him how he felt about such rings to substitute as a wedding or engagement ring. i don't think he was feeling it. or maybe he was weirded out because i mentioned the word "engagement". oh whatever, i'm going to buy myself some rings!