Wednesday, June 13, 2007

vanessa bruno disappointments

my vanessa bruno dress arrived today. it does not flatter. in fact, i look fat, short, and dumpy, with a wide ass. maybe the dress is too large (bought a size 2/small). the fabric also clings to my underwear (sorry, i don't do thongs).

the front is not so bad.

nor is the side view.

but the back side. oh dear.

the problem with being poor is that you have to buy things on sale. this means i can only return it for store credit or exchange. i will also have to pay for shipping ($12 to get to me, $5-10 to return to the store). the shop (Jake) is not cheap, so now i'm going to have to spend an additional $100 or so to use up my store credit. i should never never buy things while drinking.

lesson learned: short girls with small waists, short torsos, and wide hips should wear things that nip in the middle. thank god for Eliza Gran, and damn this fat ass of mine.

here i am wearing my new hoodie and apc jeans that are too tight in the waist (damn you food). the back says "neighborhood". this is the softest, most wonderful hoodie in the world. i begged my mom for it, and she bought it for me. you can only buy them in Ron Herman shops, the Scoop shop in nyc, and the Free City Supershop in Malibu. mine cost $148. love it. worth every penny.


Ten Thousand Only said...

i would loveth to comb through your AMAZING wardrobe and closet. and, it sounds as though you have quite the fashionable mom. oh, and you are not fat.

Ten Thousand Only said...

OH! and i'd like to get your opinion on's clothes. i just got this dress what do you think?? anyways, the site's about to relaunch under but the transition hasn't happened yet.

e said...

cute corey lynn calter dress (amazing deal, by the way). it'll be a perfect transition dress. boots and a blazer would give it a great 70s hippie-prepster look. i tried on a similar-ish dress by lauren moffatt and found the smocked waist to be extremely flattering. made my waist look teeny.

i love azalea (not really into the new name), especially for their A.P.C. and Borne collection. free shipping and a discount on non-sale items never hurts!