Tuesday, June 19, 2007

how to dress like you're on vacation

when you rarely leave the house

Calypso pink paisley top--$40 from knit wit, Philadelphia, PA (purchased 3 years ago)
J Crew camisole--$12, suffered a mishap in the washer and is looking a bit grey (1 year ago)
Seven for Mankind denim--$90 during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (5 years ago), cut by me

J Crew short--sleeve button-down, $15, from $59
Vanessa Bruno cotton white jeans--$70, from $220 at Dress, Boston (1 year ago, hardly worn)


Ten Thousand Only said...

white jeans! love them. i've been searching for white thin-cord hudsons for years. saw them once and didn't buy them...been regretting it ever since.

thanks for the reference to the dress site. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the back...but those flutter sleeves will accentuate my arms in the worst possible way, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

cute white jeans.