Thursday, June 07, 2007

Day Two: am i too fat for skinny jeans?

my self-confidence is plummeting already. i'm like a poster-child for anti-feminists. i've been feeling very hippy since i regained weight post-Vietnam. i need my boy to tell me that i look good but should go for a run if i'm feeling less than fabulous because exercise makes you feel better.

or maybe i've been enjoying my boot-cut earnest sewns so much that these skinny jeans are starting to look ridiculous to me.

i should give in and do yoga. think long and lean. long and lean. but how long and lean could i possibly become if i'm only 5'5"? even kate moss looks stumpy in her skinny jeans sometimes, and she's 5'7".


jenny said...

i personally think they look very cute on you, but i know what you mean. sometimes i feel a little "hippy" in my skinny jeans too. this post makes me feel better though!

e said...

thanks jenny! skinny jeans can be so difficult on shorter girls. i think they look better rolled up with flats or tucked into boots.

A Day in the Life of a Teenage Girl said...

those jeans look great on you.
no need to feel self-conscious when yhave a rockin body like yours :)