Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day One: trouble is my business

i spent 8 years in catholic elementary school. i love wearing a uniform. this button down top is like a knock-off of the Steven Alan shirts i can't afford. it is roomy and somewhat shapeless, but that's the price you pay for affordable goods. i'll never be able to buy a Nili Lotan or Steven Alan button-down without wincing and thinking of J Crew. i would have bought 5 more of this shirt if the store had stocked them. maybe i'll buy the white version online. maybe not. when you only have $100 left to spend for the entire summer, it's difficult believing that something is really worth chipping away at the budget. like quoddy trail moccasins? at $140, already over budget.

a part of me keeps wanting to buy things because i know that once i have children (soon), i won't allow myself to buy things unless it's for them. and i say this not because i'm a selfless, maternal, loving person, but because i'd be more embarrassed by my poorly dressed and underfed children than by my 5 year-old Dries Van Noten blouse and Lyell jacket.

Day One of being on my own. 3 months to go...

J Crew short sleeve button-down--$15, on sale from $59 (mom gift)
Earnest Sewn Keatons--$78
Insanely bright yellow cashmere cardigan--hand me down from mom, bought at Kate Spade 2005.

Total--$93 (cheapest outfit to date, not counting cost of cardigan)


jenny gordy said...

ah, i love button-downs. so classic. i've been looking for a yellow cardigan all summer. it's been like a part-time job for me. i finally found one at jcrew, so now i can get back to more important things like life.

Private said...

Ohh, that yellow cardigan is so lovely!