Thursday, June 14, 2007

tom scott sweaters (down to two)

impulse is having its summer sale (30% off all spring). they sold out of the tom scott sweater i really wanted (so did stel's on newbury st.).

two completely different looks. same weight knit, cashmere. lofty, airy, effortless, if i remember right.

check out the detail in the back view. i love how the sweater is shawl-like and hugs the shoulders. very elegant, but also versatile. it could be punky, preppy, or refined.

i'm not liking it so much on tom scott's website ( it looks generic. it reminds me of a sweater i could buy anywhere (except, of course, for that back detail). i also have a sweater that does a similar thing, but not really.

kind of sort the same thing, except i can't really button this one (it's called an envelope cardigan because it buttons all the way shut, but when worn open, the bottom part drapes curled inwards. does that make sense?) at any rate, it's a sleeveless cardigan. as is this tom scott twist cardigan.

but anyway, here's the other tom scott sweater. i love the taupe color (it's so seasonless), but i'm a little worried that it's too form-fitting. jill tells me it isn't super tight in a size medium, however.

but check out how gorgeous it is when paired with katherine hepburn-esque trousers. it would also look very sophisticated and a little bit artsy with a skirt (pencil line or full volume).

the back detail is what makes this sweater so brilliant.

i wish i had lots and lots of money so i could buy both. obviously i can't.

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