Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

better than blogging?

turtle and her eames chair

steven alan christine shirt dress

$89, marked down from $158 at Barneys
diesel denim capris, ??? lire, purchased in Florence, 2001.

Friday, June 22, 2007

fear of accessories

J Crew button down shirt--$59
Earnest Sewn Keaton--$80
Henry Cuir handbag--$600 (marked down from $1100 at Barneys summer sale last year)

(new painting from vietnam, finally framed)

i'm not one to accessorize. i have my watch and my rings. sometimes i wear my tagua nut necklace from ecuador. the pearls are too nice to be worn everyday. i also bought a chunky turquoise bracelet in vietnam. i have several scarves, but that's for the cold season. i even have several nice handbags, but i usually use a beat-up canvas tote bag. i have earrings, but what i really want is a nice simple pair of interesting gold or diamond studs.

so, this morning i decided to throw in a shot of one of my bags. but still, i feel like there's something missing. maybe i should find my necklace and put it on? i need some help in the accessories department. i don't want to buy a lot of fashion jewelry because i hate accumulating more things than i can wear. but surely there's some way to complete my outfit with a classic accessory that won't bore me in the long run?

emily of Emily Style is always so good at accessorizing. i love the variety of looks, but i need something that will work with pretty much everything i own. my gut instincts is to go with something from Tiffany's, maybe another piece from the Gehry collection? but i'd much rather support independent designers.

so, recently i discovered how wonderful hannah clark's jewelry is. she's a parson's grad who has a shop in the east village. her website is so uninformative, aside from a few tanatalizing images. she does custom work, and i really appreciate the 'handmade' look to her pieces, especially the snake ring.

kimono necklace, oxidized silver and 14K gold--$255 (all jewelry from

oxidized silver rosebud on 14K chain--$160

Ouroborus ring, 18K gold with diamonds--$500 (another unusual engagement ring/wedding band option).

i wish i knew more independent fine jewelry designers. it's very important that whatever i buy is gold, with the occasional melee diamond, and extremely well-made (i.e. close to heirloom quality). does anyone have a good recommendation?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

lotta jansdotter love

long cafe apron, bunke--$35, from $44

bowl, Tang green--$18, from $24

everyday tote, Prata--$46.40, from $58

big tote, Klara--$60.80, from $76

not only are lotta jansdotter's designs beautifully presented, they are also lovely objects to own. i have two aprons, several linen tote bags that i bought on eBay, little test tube glass vases in printed linen holders (i've yet to find a good place for these), and two brown sofa cushions with dandelions scattered throughout. to say that i am obsessed with her aesthetic would be an understatement. what is it about scandinavian-influenced design?

go to it:

casbah cafe, silverlake

casbah cafe skirt--$40 from casbah cafe in silverlake (caftans, embroidered slippers, and really good coffee)
rebecca beeson black top--$19 from Loehmanns
sleepy hector--from second chance shelter, jamaica plain

ron herman online sale--50% off

not a huge fan of the bewigged mannequin, but oh what can you do?

Puella dress--$89, from 178

Juicy Couture trench, $175, from $350

Lyell blouse, $149, from $298

Lyell cardigan--$220, from $440

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


i saw a really cute journal on lena corwin's blog (spoils from the brooklyn renegade craft fair) and couldn't resist a peek at the designer's website.

guy's t-shirt--$24

baby onesie--$15

tote bag--$18

tea towel--$9 (squirrel!!)

wedding ring

i am the last person in the world who should be posting about jewelry. BUT, i think this is a wonderful wedding band/engagement ring option for people who are a bit whimsical. it's so hard to find a modern floral design.

Garden Ring, hand-fabricated in yellow or white gold (designer unknown, i saw it at Stuart Moore in Newport Beach) --$2400-3500, available from

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

how to dress like you're on vacation

when you rarely leave the house

Calypso pink paisley top--$40 from knit wit, Philadelphia, PA (purchased 3 years ago)
J Crew camisole--$12, suffered a mishap in the washer and is looking a bit grey (1 year ago)
Seven for Mankind denim--$90 during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (5 years ago), cut by me

J Crew short--sleeve button-down, $15, from $59
Vanessa Bruno cotton white jeans--$70, from $220 at Dress, Boston (1 year ago, hardly worn)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

summer sales (a myriad of possibilities)

Marimekko, classic striped onesie, $37, from $50 (

Catherine Malandrino, Short sleeve button dress, $304, from $380 (

A.P.C., Bouton Empire dress, $136, from $170 (

Borne, Alex dress, $259, from $432 (

Shelly Steffee, silk drawstring dip-dyed dress, $300, from $545 (, "GRECHEN" 15% off)

Lyell, silk button dress, $310, from $385 (, "GRECHEN" 15% off)

Lyell, Alana blouse, $270, from $340 (, "GRECHEN" 15% off)

Lyell, short sleeve angora/cashmere cardigan, $270, from $385 (, "GRECHEN" 15% off)

Lyell, Julie Christie linen dress, $300, from $430 (, "GRECHEN" 15% off)

Mayle, cotton Wallis cardigan (in Tobacco, not Black), $230, from $385 (, "toutie" 20% off)

Mayle, Wallis cardigan in Tobacco (available at, photo from

Leyendecker, Chandelier dress, $124, from $355 (

Rachel Comey, linen animal print top, $203, from $290 (

United Bamboo, Black Box jacket, $304, from $433 (

Cacharel, linen dress, $264, from $330 (, "toutie" 10% off)

Vena Cava, Capri dress, $483, from $645 (www.letrainbleu, "toutie" discount code 10%)

Alice Ritter, silk plaid dress, $207, from $345 (

Vanessa Bruno, silk top, $215, from $357 (

3.1 Phillip Lim, wide-leg pleat front pants in antique white, $190, from $318 (

Vanessa Bruno, silk sweater, $220.50, from $315 (