Friday, February 27, 2009

martin clothing on sale

military moleskin jacket, now $247

cashmere sweatshirt, now $175

first of all--thank you for the well-wishes! i feel so lucky to know such thoughtful and kind people. the first week is nearly over, and with leo snuggled in his p-sling, the only thing i can reiterate is how amazing it has been.

so, while researching strollers (still), i couldn't help but post about the martin clothing 50% off sale. i'm wearing my straight-leg jeans right now, with the help of a bella band, of course, and wishing i could wear this cashmere sweatshirt and moleskin jacket. they're both perfect for the gorgeous spring weather i've been admiring from my window.

birth story and other leo-related news to be posted on the other blog soon, hopefully when his jaundice clears up.

i have a feeling i'm going to spend a lot of time next week catching up on everyone's posts....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a good day

photo by gob
one of the belly's final sightings

leon jiyoon made his arrival at 9.40 pm, sunday 2.22.09, after a relatively fast labor. it was snowing at the time.

oh, and my mociun dress was delivered yesterday. all in all, it's been a good week...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

mociun ikat dress...a sad ending

first lena and her virginia johnson camel scarf, now me...

you may remember, but the mociun ikat tie-front dress that beklina was graciously sending to me as an exchange for the small? well, it looks like it was stolen from my building because it's nowhere in sight. what is going on??? it makes me so sad to think that someone thought there was something worth stealing. i've no doubt the poor dress was trashed as soon as the package was opened.

this is the first time one of my packages has gone missing. i guess i was lucky, but it makes me reconsider my reliance on online shopping, especially since i spent $190 for nothing. from now on, i'm going to have to request insurance or a signature, even if i have to pay extra for shipping.

update: it arrived! (along with something else...)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

future*perfect blog update

since google reader won't allow you to add a private blog, i've decided to make future*perfect public....i can't possibly have 'that' many stalkers--or can i?

Friday, February 20, 2009

we are in this together

i saw lorena siminovich (petit collage)'s "we are in this together" collage on doe's website a couple of years back, and it really resonated with me. well, i just found out that there's a print version available.

i think it'll be perfect for welcoming the baby (in the next week, we hope!)....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

spring fever

you know it's bad when you look at a website 8 times a day just to ogle the stripes and florals. oh steven alan....!

i am in need of more bateau striped shirts. any recommendations for affordable ones?

here are examples of ones that are out of my price range right now:

makie, $85

a.p.c., $75

Monday, February 16, 2009

laws of general economy update

alas for me, most of these items are too small.

they include:
lyell julie christie dress in white linen (size 6)
tashkent by cheyenne shearling flats (size 36)
two eskell blouses (size 0)
vintage plaid blouse (size x-small)
and many other lovely things.

as always, any feedback about the clothing blog is much appreciated. i will have a few more things to post once i'm better able to assess my spring wardrobe.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

craving color--new psling

orla kiely dress

i'm with anabela on this one...i can't get enough of purples with grey undertones. you know it's mid-february when all you crave is color.

my new psling arrived the other day. his due date is still 1.5 weeks from now, but i am so excited to try out this sling with him. it's an avant linen sling in the sumile colorway. thank goodness for sample sales, these slings certainly are pricey!

Monday, February 09, 2009

mociun ikat dress update

my mociun ikat dress arrived today from beklina, and i am so bummed because it is even more beautiful in person but too small! and i'm not just saying this because i'm 8.5 months pregnant--it is too tight in the shoulders and high waist, and that will not change post delivery. it's actually a bit annoying because if it were just 1 1/2" wider around the waist, it would be perfect. i should have ordered the medium...i wanted this to be my go-to summer dress.

unfortunately it was a final sale, and i can either put it on ebay or see if anyone here wants to buy it. obviously i'd love to get back what i paid ($170), i'll pay for shipping (usps with delivery confirmation).

the fabric is medium-heavy weight, very sturdy yet soft. it is also very very short (but adorably so), and probably better suited to someone who is a size 4 and 5'5" or shorter (i'm perfectly comfortable with the length, and i'm 5'5").

here are the measurements (flat)
shoulders: 17 1/4"
length of bodice: 11 1/2" (from back of the neck to high waist)
high waist: 15" (just under the bust)
total length: 31"
hem opening: 19" (tulip skirt)

UPDATE: Beklina is letting me exchange the dress for a medium, hooray!

another update:
the medium sold out before i could exchange it, so i'm getting the large instead. the measurements look pretty much identical except the empire waist is 17" instead of 16" across. shouldn't be a problem with the adjustable tie-front.

oh, and if you're looking for this dress in a small or medium, ooga booga (a fantastic store in LA's chinatown) has it for $150.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

how many is too many?

the top dress is now on sale for $155 with an additional 30% off ('grechen') at sotto boutique (m and l only).

so i got rid of my mociun tie-front dress (blue linen) on the clothing blog in order to make room for a different one. i was thinking of getting this one, which is on sale at a few places.

but then i saw this new one from the spring 09 collection, and now i need to know,

how many is too many when it comes to mociun tie-front dresses?
(both photos by lena corwin)

mociun spring 09

spring 09 lookbook
photos by alyson fox

Sunday, February 01, 2009

the little dress that could

here we are at shower #2, and my poor annelore dress is stretched to its limit.
in a moment of weakness, i bought another 'favorite' tank top at j.crew because they're super long and stretchy. but in general, i'm just biding my time until the spring collections arrive. for instance, when will the new mociun lookbook be available? i hope i (we) can go to nyc in late march when it's warmer.