Sunday, July 24, 2011

moving to toronto,,,and on to other things

the past eight weeks were an ordeal, to put it nicely. we were lucky enough to hang out with julia one last time. i couldn't leave boston without a few photos of leon on the public garden ducks, and one final stop at stels was also in order.

our new place is still a mess. this is the first time i've moved with so much stuff. it used to be a few suitcases of clothing and a box of books. instead of selling our books or putting them in storage, we decided to bring all 50 boxes of books. eek!!

so, i don't think i can really talk about toronto right now because much of my perception of the city is clouded by our (on-going) terrible experience with our new apartment. i'm hoping that we'll eventually get to know this city better, but right now my life is triangulated by the laundromat and the playground (and furtively looking for a different place to live). we're off to CA for 3 weeks starting in august, which brings me to my current dilemma.

my dearest childhood friend is getting married on september 4, and i have no idea what i'm supposed to wear. it's right along the Pacific Ocean in a secluded garden and library, so i'm thinking slightly formal. the last reception i went to, i wore my white Steven Alan overalls, so clearly i'm clueless about weddings!

maybe this is a contender?

goodness, it's been so long since i've blogged or done anything non-moving related, my SVPPLY clipper has disappeared from my bookmarks.